Trooping the Colour LIVE 2019 | The Queen's Birthday Parade - BBC

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Trooping the Colour LIVE 2019 | The Queen's Birthday Parade - BBC 4.5

Live from Horse Guards Parade in London, Huw Edwards introduces one of the world’s most esteemed military displays, to celebrate the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

This year the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards are providing the Escort and their Regimental Colonel, HRH the Duke of York, has spoken exclusively to Huw Edwards. Huw will be joined by military and royal experts to guide us through the meticulous parade, a balcony appearance by the Queen and the royal family, and the traditional RAF flypast.

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A little sad to see her alone in the carriage. The passage of time...

Author — Tess Sa


I can't even imagine playing an instrument while riding a horse. Playing an instrument already takes so much concentration

Author — Victoria Ho


Just think of it, HM hasn't missed a ceremony since 1930! Wow.

Author — Geria Wright


One of you Brits want to explain to this yank how the regimental Sergeant Major of the King's Troop artillery is a Warrant Officer?

Author — Josh Beauchamp


This reminds me that we must stop the influx of Mohammedan paedophilic filth.

Author — trag


The BBC knows that their broadcast of the Queen's Birthday Parade is uploaded to YT every year by an enterprising pirate, so I'm glad they decided to join the trend by uploading it themselves.

Author — James L. Carrig


2:33:22 when the RF came out on the balcony and Prince Louis is absolutely stole the show with his adorable grumpy face 😍😍😍

Author — Ega Kusdiarto


Video won't load and won't play. What's going on?

Author — skicrz


Thank you to the BBC for making this available to everyone!

Author — CBC Fan


I also have been unable to get this to play. I did send a complaint to BBC. We'll see if that does any good.

Author — Philip Duarte


She's amazing.💖 So long on the throne, and at her age still putting in all this work. Nuf respect.👍🏽

Author — immortaloshun


Well done YouTube, sending me a reminder it's about to start 15hours after it started! 👏👏👏

Author — Elaine Benes


Prince Louis was having a grand old time. So adorable!

Author — Thistledove


Every year I watch this wonderful show. The British people should be proud of their Queen, Queen Elizabeth is the symbol of their Nation. Modern Monarchy is something really incredible, something that we do not have in the Republics like in Brazil. From a Brazilian admirer and monarchist.

Author — J๏ã๏ Pє๔г๏


You're joking about the's are covered in wool suits and leather, and a BEAR FUR HAT...figure it out.
I was at an outdoor ceremony in Toronto...wait for it...for the Bay City Rollers in Nathan Phillips Square.
I think it was in June...many girls fainted, partly from the crowd pushing in on them, and the heat, also from dehydration and excitement.
I would expect that those conditions would cause a person in a fur hat to faint as well.

Author — Old Yeller


The incredible work the guards do in that clothing. Very impressed. Yet im American i support anyone in service

Author — G Men2121


I particularly enjoyed watching Her Majesty enjoying herself. I also enjoyed the new march TWICE THE MAN! Thank you for broadcasting this marvelous event!

Author — Carolynn Dowlen


One thing is missing from the fly by, where was the Battle of Britain memorial flight, where was the Lancashire, Spitfire, and hurricane. Such a beautiful sight when they fly by. Couldn’t stop laughing when Prince Lois was waving to the crowd.

Author — Stewart Chalmers


Looking sharp. I served in the US Army's Old Guard, your equivalent to the Grenadiers. Always good to see our brethren from across the pond standing tall and looking good. Hat's off to you.

Author — Alexander Wallgren


Sincere gratitude and respect for the amazing people at the BBC who produced this professional coverage of the Trooping of the Colour. We could see every shiny buckle and bridle and clearly hear every note of music! Decades ago, I witnessed this ceremony live in London, as a child with my father . Today I got to share the spectacle with my 96-year-old English Mum, here in Victoria, BC. Thank you!

Author — Philip Hulme