SCP-682 Indestructible Reptile (SCP Animation)

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Indestructability is an ideal quality for a superhero, but in this case it is working against humanity, because a bloodthirsty reptile bent on devastating all other forms of life is the one gifted with this quality. Today I'll tell you about an exceptionally dangerous monster that the Foundation is having difficulty containing in its facilities. SCP-682 shows signs of high intelligence and has proven to be an indomitable creature. In this video I'll tell you about the ways in which the Foundation has attempted to eliminate the creature, as well as the results of these as-yet fruitless efforts.

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Guess which scp object will be investigated next. 🌨🎄🌘

Author — Detective Void


He looks different then what other people have done for 682 I like it

Author — Nebulous Belt


I love that you're not playing the character of "yet another SCP scientist". You're an anomalously nosy reporter/investigator that just have ties to the GOC.

Author — Ella Jameson


It's about time somebody drew this SCP a little differently

Author — GoKu GoMa


I like how 682 looks like a drake rather than an overgrown crocodile in this rendition. It suits him better.

Author — Yatagarasu-dono


This man vibing on a helicopter with a high powered sniper rifle just to get a possible angle on 682.

Author — giant taco god


SCP-682: “I hate life”
SCP-079: “ye bro”

Author — bananas


“Why does it hate all life?”

Well... look what the foundation has done to it..

Author — Samuel Fawell


SCP 682 in a nutshell
big smart lizard that can regenerate that's scared of peanut

Author — HuneeBruh Gaming


Oi, he's immune to the crystal? So he's either an anomaly on itself or the mask gives him a number of anomalys. I love it!

Author — Samuel Oliveira


"682 hates life because it feels it has a superior intelligence"

*Makoto Naegi voice* YOU GOT THAT WRONG!

According to Dr. Gears, who wrote the original article, SCP-682 hates life because it is just that horrifying to it. From its perspective, life in this universe is so grotesque that it cannot help but be utterly repulsed by it. Similar to how we humans tend to react in disgust when we see something like an insect or a spider. Even then, its general reaction towards most things is to be cautious towards it. It only reacts in violence if the object in question proves to be a major threat. This is also why it has a particular hatred towards humans. Not only are we ugly in 682's perspective, we keep trying to kill it.

Author — Chelsea Adams


Scientist: *trying to negotiate with the big lizard*

big lizard: f*** you

Author — Megan Johnson


This is such a better visual interpretation of this scp. So sick of short fat rib exposed version

Author — D J


Dude can we just take a second to appreciate the fLOOF detail in Voids hair- i love it
( also personally i love this particular design of 682 )

Author — Markmallow


Detective Void
Risking his life to bring us only the tastiest choices of SCP videos.

Author — ExtinctionLevelEvent


I like your design for for 682, most of the time he just looks like a hairy alligator.

Author — Prime


Can someone explain why the “and escape in my car” was so happy and silly. Scp-682 might catch up or target the car

Author — Toy Shadow


I like pretending Detective Void is a SCP the SCP Foundation just let's wonder the facilities because A) he's categorized as safe and B) sometimes while he's pretending to be sneaky about whatever he's investigating he comes up with a good point.

Everytime he shows up at a new facility it's just "Oh look it's 'agent so and so'" and now someone has to explain to the newer agents why they have to let the strange man wonder around while he pretends he belongs there as he flamboyantly declares things as eccentrically as possible.

Author — Katelynn Hardy


Also this is hella underrated I'm subbing

Author — RandomWatermelon1


Detective Void : this information is a closely garded secret
Also Void : find the information in 2-3 days

Author — dio brando