Kashmir The Story | Full Documentary On The History & Timelines Of Kashmir Valley

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Kashmir The Story | Full Documentary On The History & Timelines Of Kashmir Valley 4.5

A TIMES NOW Exclusive, this documentary series gives an insight into the conflict-ridden region, showcasing facts as they are. The purely observational piece of storytelling is an honest attempt to showcase life in the Kashmir valley. Watch Kashmir The Story here. #Kashmir #KashmirTheStory #TimesNow

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The documentary is impressive. I never thought that some Indian news channel can produce such quality films too. Nice work Times now.

Author — Naveen J


Who is responsible for this mania the congress.

Author — vijay Desai desai


I think one important thing got missed during the history overview that was of the Karkota Dynasty and Ruler Lalitaditya Muktapida in the 8th century the Kashmiri ruler who defeated even the Arab invaders.

Author — Atharv Thorat


Nehru is the criminal because of him, we've to fight for our own Kashmir

Author — Yash Singh


I am surprised such a fine documentary is done by times now

Author — Karthik M K


Nehru was main culprit behind hi du genocide in Kashmir and also he give everything to sheikh

Author — jaswinder gill


when two fish are fighting in water look around you will find an English man --> Native american saying

Author — Deveshi Ambati


Sheikh Abdullah 's imprisonment was the cause.

Author — Sadhitra Biswas


I have never seen J&K like this before the Hindu architecture is astonishing and authentic, I now understand why Nehru did everything to destroy the Dharm of that land.

Author — Jason Singh


So, in the final analysis:
the British are the tapeworm of Nations.

Peace from 🇺🇸

Author — D. Cypher


Video issued on the day, article 370 was abrogated 😋
5 aug 2019 ..a day to remember.

Author — Balat :


"Kashmir was conquered by various religions and ideologies" In which sense? No Sir. Hinduism and Buddhism did not conquered but they were home grown religions. Only Islam conquered Kashmir by force. Besides, Buddhism was already there in Kashmir long before King Asoka. Buddhism has no history of blood shed for propagation. Buddhism was adopted because of its logical and humanitarian characteristics, not imposed.

Author — Paulo Cunha


Pandit Nehru... seems to have screwed up everything of course with his good friend Mr. Gandhi...

Author — Sreenadh Sannasey


Nehru was also idiot, without Saradar patel we would still be divided and burning

Author — Pranay dwivedi


Jawahar Lal Nehru Was biggest blunder in India History

Author — Amar Pal


A documentary every indian must watch .. Hats off .."TimesNow"

Author — Arjun singh


Neheru is behind all this dispute. Such a fool!

Author — Rajib Sarkar


Why is it age restricted ?🤦🏻‍♂️ All facts are being "censored"

Author — 00111 00001111


Snatching of land without any compensation from its original owners named as Land reform... was not a fraud framed by Shaikh Abdullah ?

Further how this issue could be reason to redefine the relation between state and the nation...which finely turned to the introduction of 370 article. The video is not addressed the critical issue of 370 a special status to state ....as to why it was demanded after 4 years of its becoming integral part of India and why it was needed and how it has been accepted ....then after few years again why 35A an amoral, terrible and completely biased article enforced. According to which a community of sweepers will get only job of sweeper in the state but will nit be given citizenship and no right of vote etc.

Similarly if a Kashmiri woman weds to an Indian she will lost citizenship automatically and she will loss the right from ancestors property. While if she marries to a Pakistani ..not only her citizenship will be maintained but even pakistani man will get the citizenship of J&K state ....such unbiased law was enforced and agreed by can judge his credibility for not identifying the poor intentions of Shaikh Abdullah ....seems himself was busy in enjoying the power and position of PM of a country called India therefore handled mischievously by Shaikh Abdullah.
It is the Nehru who spoiled every thing atleast in case of J & K . MOTA SAHI KAHTA HAI .

Author — J Satish Kumar Rao


I loved this ❤️ kashmir documentary.thank u times now for sharing this history
POK & aksai chin should get annexe d to India🙏🏼

Author — panna kotian