BREAKING: President Trump MAJOR Immigration Policy Proposal

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BREAKING: President Trump MAJOR Immigration Policy Proposal 4.5
President Trump's new, soon-to-be-announced immigration plan "fundamentally changes the way we think about immigration," Axios reporter Jonathan Swan said Wednesday.

Trump is scheduled to deliver a major immigration address on Thursday, Fox News has learned, as the White House is set to formally unveil the plan.

The proposal is said to put an end to the visa lottery system and instead implement a comprehensive merit-based admissions procedure, three senior administration officials told Fox News.

"The most important thing about this proposal is that it fundamentally changes the way we think about immigration," Swan said on "Special Report," as part of the "All-Star Panel."

"It flips on its head [the idea that] typically we take the bulk of people based on their family ties. This completely reverses that and it looks at skills and education," he said.

Potential immigrants would be assessed using a point-based system, accounting for factors including age, English proficiency, whether each candidate has an offer of employment above a certain wage threshold, and educational and vocational certifications, Fox News reported.

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If there is a term limit for the President then there should be term limits for the Senate and the House of Representatives

Author — Jonnie Seely


We heard many Presidents say this. I want to see congress come together and put this in law.

Author — Suikerbier


We HAVE to take back the house!!! It's nothing but a circus right now.

Author — Searching Truth


A man that doesn't just talk about it he does it

Author — unleashed rider


Thanks Mr. President, and those working to stop illegal immigration, we Thank You!!!

Author — Stanley Curry


I've preaching this doctrine for over thirty years

Author — Clark Gordon


I agree this plan is good and I hope it comes in effect soon

Author — Karla Ogunjmi



Author — Ultimate Zeno Russell


We need more Republicans not Democrat’s .

Author — GGG


So unusual to have a leader who's purpose is to put his citizens first

Author — d man


It's amazing to see those who are the true *Immigrants in the Americas / America, * Speak about immigration policy. You people are so blind to true history.

Author — cushite100


The patriots are remembered by the ages of time. Mr. US is one of them. The real hero for US. Salute u sir.

Author — Khurshed Alam


It's too logical. The Demonrats will fight it tooth and nail.

Author — Heart2HeartBooks


Yes pls no loop holes for anythreats x bg

Author — Royallamonique gsrsrxtct


I’m on the Trump 🚂 Train. The best on immigration yet. Totally fair. 100% with Our President.

Author — Maryanne Sedlak


As a Canadian I think he has an amazing plan

Author — thecoolguynamedal


It's now or never on securing the border.if President Trump don't fix it nobody will.
Thank you Mr President

Author — Teresa Veal


When i was sworn in as American citizen i cried tears of joy, many years ago, what a privilege and blessing.

Author — Leela Arocho


Finally a man in modern times I am proud to call, MY PRESIDENT

Author — searcherT


Donald Trump already has my vote next year. Trump 2020 💪😎 🇺🇸

Author — Dead Man