Far From Home Just Teased The Next Spider-Man Villain

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Far From Home Just Teased The Next Spider-Man Villain 5
Did Marvel Spiderman Far From Home Reveal The Next MCU Villain?

There are tons of great characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but, of course, we can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw Peter Parker seemingly take out Quentin Beck, better known as Mysterio, and now we want to know who his next battle will be against. Is it possible that we were teased with the possibility of a new villain from the Sony Spider-Man rogues’ gallery entering the MCU? We’ll talk about comic book writer J.M. DeMatteis and what he has to do with an Easter egg we spotted in the movie.

Could the Dmitri we saw in the movie really be notorious Sinister Six member the Chameleon? If so, it just makes it all the more suspicious that we were teased the famous Last Hunt storyline involving the iconic character Kraven the Hunter. Will Sergei Kravinoff be joining the MCU and, if so, will he fight against the masked webslinger or a very different set of characters? We’ll reveal the one movie he was very nearly included in.

What do you think about the idea that this amazing comic book villain could make an appearance in the MCU as early as Phase Four? Are we just overthinking things or have we managed to put together some compelling clues? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR.


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Those who have seen far from home.
Like here

Author — Sushovan Mondal


If u know this acronym

Author — Gaming Scoop


No, The Boys are gonna be the next villains.

Author — Hugo_Hero


Spoiler Alert 🚨🚨🚨

Since Mysterio And J. Jonah. Jameson Exposed Spider-Man's Identity And Spider-Man Is Claimed As A Villain I Think There Is Going To Be A Bounty On Spider-Man's Head And Kraven The Hunter Will Try To Claim This Bounty In Spider-Man 3

Author — Red Flamez


Kraven the Hunter actually would make sense hunting down both Peter and spiderman

Author — Artist of Procedure


If Dimitri worked for Talos disguised as Nick Fury, then maybe Dimitri is a skrull as well, and thus would work better as a real chameleon

Author — Ian Mansfield


My mom and her friend didn't know mysterio was a bad guy XD

Author — Pyro Vader


I think Hugh Jackman could be good as kraven

Author — David Morales Carpio


In my opinion it sets up the sinister six and dark avengers

Author — Lakers Pats1


We need all the bad guys from the "Me and the boys" meme in a live action movie.

Author — PacificGamer12


No they didn't, it's CBR so it's probably not true.

Author — Audi-OCE


Either Kraven or Scorpion will hunt him down. Hopefully Mysterio is still alive too so he will be part of the Sinister Six.

Author — gnAppli haneS


I thought there was no multiverse because mysterio was lying about himself and the elementals

Author — Zachary Drake


I don't think there will be any Sinister Six in it's next sequel just because spider You know what I

Only the ones who watched the end credits scene will know by what I meant...😜😅

Author — Abhi mř. çøøł


Even though he is Aquaman I think
Jason Mamoa would a good Kraven.

Author — Eddy The Buddy


Chameleon did change into someone else... He changed into the bus driver that took them to London...

Author — VortexGMZ


What if peter parker said
I... Am... Spiderman
Instead of spoiled by mysterio

Author — Yoo JeongYeon


Myestrio ain’t dead man
He’s the master of illusions

Author — Relek G


J K Simmons is JJJ so it makes to recast him in the MCU. He was bold though in the post credits, wheres the brush top.

Author — BlueRayTV



The next movie had a start and an end :0

Author — AdEs Draws