Uncharted: The Lost Legacy GIRL POWER! First Two Hours

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy GIRL POWER! First Two Hours 5
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy IS HERE!! We'll be kickin butt with characters Chloe & Nadine in a new adventure! Let's find some Hoysala tokens and solve some puzzles! Any game in the Uncharted series is sure to be a blast but can Naughty Dog pull off this half spin-off / half DLC? Let's find out!

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Bri plays through the remastered PS4 version of Naughty Dog's post apocalyptic masterpiece, The Last of Us:


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Briana, are you going to play Life is Strange: Before The Storm?

Author — RarelyEvenn


Thank god there's finally a gameplay by someone i just watched a few months ago(life is strange) and still LOVE to watch! <3

Author — AsukaEnergetic


Chloe voice actor is the same from the last games btw, since you asked

Author — Nicky Gray-check


Great Games Beautiful Hostess Gamer Looking Forward Too More

Author — The Knight Rider


An idea for merch: "That's not subtext" 😂

Author — Jennifer Li


YouTube changes its design just as Bri starts uploading again. More change!

Author — Superwae


I like how the first thing everyone does is to dhop in the middle of a mission

Author — Rage Master


there is treasure from the last of us in the game

Author — tazz mg gaming


Started this game since it’s released, obsessed!!!

Even Claudia black (VA for Chloe Frazer) retweeted my post about it!

Author — tonyojimbo


"That's lovely for something that carries DEATH STICKS"
I love it

Author — R0H1T G0GN4


awesome it great see u back again and it was fun seeing u live stream hope u do more soon

Author — ace408561


I love this series and your fearless attitude Bri! <3

Author — Phil Drake


You're my new favorite gamer in YouTube

Author — James Bayzon


Loved this first instalment - thanks! Can't wait for the second part!

Author — CJSymcox


Hi Briana. In the first few mins of the game, u forgotten to take the first picture.

Author — Eris Greydancer


Good to see you back, I just watched Alyce's playthrough and having recently finished it myself, been wanting to see your reaction to it.

Author — lucefan


When are you uploading the rest of your play through? I saw some of the live stream and I'd love to see the rest of it!

Author — matthew david jarvis


When Briana lost the job I was cracking up :D That was funny.

Author — Dusty


As promised, I will watch your 2 hours playing video games! Can't watch it in one go though :D

Author — Serpentina


Yay!!!! <3 finally new! miss you soo much and your gaming! :)

Author — Leeyon Zero