38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!

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38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years! 5
We're restoring an Iraqi Type 69-II (T54) tank. It was captured during the 1st Gulfwar in 1991. The tank has been on display in UK since then. We repaired this engine and this is the very first test!
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The Type 69-II tank is a Chinese tank which looks a lot like the Russian T54 tank, most of the parts are exchangable. It was build by Norinco as well as the engine. This type of engine is also known as; v55, Kharkiv V2, Transmash, Silnik Wola.

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Wat was jouw favoriete moment tot nu toe van het tankproject? What was your favourite moment during our tankproject so far?

Author — mastermilo82


At least it will pass a Volkswagen emissions test. No problem.

Author — John McMahon


People trying to reduce their CO2 emissions

Mastermilo : hold my beer

Author — Azim Momin


Let's get this old engine running in a small room and see who drops dead first. Bring some beer. :-)

Author — 90FF1


3 guys standing next to a V12 diesel with no headers or muffler

their lungs: ah shit, here we go again

Author — Vcxb U


Why start a fresh diesel build with a habit like ether ?

Author — Josh Crowder


Ok, now give it to Garage54 and they'll install it in a Lada.

Author — DzeiEidz


That tank probably didn't have to fire a missile. It killed the enemy with smoke :)

Author — Allan Anthony Alcantara


3:53 footage of my high school bathroom

Author — Z B


4:40 .. your when he say " i heard something" ... i think that mean he want to make sure everything normal . he a great man.. heheh

Author — rajo patokah


Ahhh that's why this morning Italy was so terribly foggy!

Author — Lorenzo Catalano


Nederlandse overheid: we doen ons best de klimaatdoelstellingen te halen.
Milo: hou mijn bier eens vast.

Author — Nick P.


>Yiva Vlad, nu yiva NULL VAMPIRR

watch no1 understand the reference

Also even tanks require direct Plak injection to intake system to start



what if milo swaps this engine on a car?

Author — trongamer56


Fun fact: If you watch this in reverse, it's in English.

Author — T Phillips


These were never made designed and put together with good intentions.

Author — Peanut


Thank you for the sacrifice of your lungs for my entertainment

Author — john turner


👨‍🔧: "Hello, I need head gaskets for my Typ 69 tank engine."

👨‍💻: 🤨

Author — 4TaktRollerNeinDanke


I would like to see this motor in an Volkswagen Scirocco 2 G(reta)T(hunberg)

Author — Bantam Smoker


This in a mud boat. Omg. The power it makes. Go through any brush or mud. Grass with ease

Author — MrDavidelliottjr