38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!

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38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years! 5

We're restoring an Iraqi Type 69-II (T54) tank engine. It was captured during the 1st Gulfwar in 1991. The tank has been on display in UK since then. We repaired this engine and this is the very first test!
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The Type 69-II tank is a Chinese tank which looks a lot like the Russian T54 tank, most of the parts are exchangable. It was build by Norinco as well as the engine. This type of engine is also known as; v55, Kharkiv V2, Transmash, Silnik Wola.

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Wat was jouw favoriete moment tot nu toe van het tankproject? What was your favourite moment during our tankproject so far?

Author — mastermilo82


At least it will pass a Volkswagen emissions test. No problem.

Author — John McMahon


Какого х*ра это делает в моих рекомендациях?

Author — Андрей Копейкин


Some say, Greta Thunberg's screams can be heard whenever a tank engine starts up

Author — G00ober


Жду видео от гараж 54, запихнули двигатель от танка в жигуль.

Author — ikometa i


carbon monoxide sensor reading: yes, all of it.

Author — josh brock


Tuner: How much emissions do you want?

Tank engine: Yes

Author — Vaneater


it probably burned 38 L of fuel in 12 seconds 😂

Author — renarts


Немцы сделали себе газовую камеру из двигателя российского танка. Странно

Author — Южный Ку


3 guys standing next to a V12 diesel with no headers or muffler

their lungs: ah shit, here we go again

Author — Vcxb U


1. две форсунки (3, 5)слева переливают 2. Подача топлива в 1 цилиндр не достаточна 3 ТНВД отрегулирован плохо. Прогрейте его 20 мин.

Author — Олег Вячеславович


Ни хрена вы не понимаете! Этому двигателю факел нужен был, а не быстрый старт😂

Author — Дмитрий К


Этого двигателя без танка обосратся можно !

Author — Том Джерисон


Jdm guys be like: *”perfect Miata swap”*

Author — Joe


Интересно понаблюдать как он
пойдёт в разнос....

Author — Николай Кирюшин


Police: 911, What is your amergency ?
Someone: I HEARD SHOTS !!!
Police: ok, calm down, describe it for us
Someone: it's sound like a heavy machine gun

Author — H Y P E R T R I I S S


08:30 Honda civic owners be like at 3am.

Author — Picidmp Hun


На Татру 4х осную этот движок и бак на пару тон ебать зверь будет.

Author — open the police


Gas station: How much diesel would you like?

Milo: Yes.

Author — supergrendel


Oi. Let's rev this V12 engine with no muffler! Could be fun right?

Lungs: **chuckles** help...

Author — Yoshida Saki