Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

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Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil! 5

MANAUS, BRAZIL - During my food trip to Brazil there was no place I wanted to visit more than the Amazon Rainforest. We flew to Manaus (if you look at a map, Manaus is directly in the heart center of the Amazon). The jungle, the unique dishes and fruits, and the people made it incredible.

Exotic fruit tasting - One of the things that you have to do when you’re in Brazil, especially in the Amazon is sample all the unique and indigenous fruits of the region, some that are only available there. We started with mari-mari, an amazing long pod fruit and have inga (ice cream bean fruit) and biribá - wild sugar apple. All the fruit - 10 BRL ($2.55)

Manaus is a pretty big city, especially for being in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. They have a big market, full of fruits, vegetables and fish. We headed straight for some tucumã, a type of palm tree fruit that’s essential in the local diet.

Jenipapo - Along the way we also tried some jenipapo, a pretty unique fruit.

Tucumã sandwiches - Sandwich shop owners better take note! Tucumã sandwiches are a true Amazonian food and they are delicious. Along with the palm fruit they were paired with cheese and fried sweet banana. It’s a perfect breakfast and way to start the day in the Amazon. Price - about 10 BRL ($2.55) per sandwich

Tambaqui fish - Tambaqui is a fish from the Amazon that’s known for having ribs - seriously almost like pork ribs. We decided to get a fish to bring to the village since we weren’t sure what they’d have al the village.

Amazon village - We didn’t really have a plan, we were just going to find a boat driver and ask him to take us to a village and see if anyone could cool. So we got a boat, and our boat driver asked if they were home and if we could invite ourselves in. We arrived completely unplanned and unannounced and it turned out to be an outstanding learning experience and fun time with an amazing family in the Amazon.

Along with the food we brought, the family mixed up about 4 different exotic drinks - some of them known in the Western world as ingredients in trendy energy drinks - but here in the Amazon of Brazil they are consumed regularly.

It was such an awesome Brazilian Amazonian food meal with the family followed by a time of drumming and dancing, football, and finally a swim in the river. It was an extraordinary day in the Amazon of Brazil.

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You’re better than any BBC or National Geographic

Author — Oleie


Alguma comida diferente: A


Author — Talita Correa


I loved the fact that you really apreciate the true culture of our country. Not the fancy and select stuff. Thank you so much! We love your work! obrigada!!! volte sempre

Author — Mina Dinnouti


Eu AMEI essa família. Eles agem naturalmente, não foi nada preparado e mesmo assim eles receberam o Mark com todo o carinho. Eu me senti acolhida. Obrigada.

Author — Lara 1


You make great videos Mark, but this Brazilian trip has been special.

Author — adam camo


Cara esse gringo ele é de uma sensibilidade de uma pureza de humildade sem igual cara eu nunca vi uma pessoa desse jeito cara esse cara tá de parabéns cara especial

Author — GU XAGA OFICIAL 2 Lopes


the fact he eats with the native people of a country show that not only is he humble but, also understands the value of hard work and love in food

Author — Xavier Vaz


If I didnt watch this, I would have no idea about the variety of fruit available. The irony of how the west portrays these countries vs the actual truth. The reality is that there is so much beauty and richness in each place to discover. It takes humility, respect and gratitude.

Good job Mark!

Author — K. Mill


Cara super humilde, come de tudo, sem frescura. Gosteiiii!!!

Author — jhonantan vitor


Brazil is amazing 😍 Love from a Colombian 😘

Author — Diana Ramirez


É tão brasileiro chamar os outros de bebê KKKK sinônimo de fulano. Espero que tenha gostado do nosso país. Diante de todos nossos problema ainda é um prazer receber outros para conhecer a nossa cultura.🇧🇷❤

Author — Angel Mari


this video was amazing!! mark you need your own Netflix series. I love you !

Author — stephanie jimenez


OMG! How amazing are the people from the village, I loved the performance!! Thank you for sharing this experience with us Mark!

Author — JUS ASMR


Apesar de eu ser Brasileiro, conhecer e amar minha cultura. Conheci muito e várias coisas diferentes, sobre minha cultura com seus vídeos. Melhor canal. I love my country

Author — Pedro polkjh


Ele falando que jenipapo tem gosto de caramelo
A Formiga Saúva com gosto de Erva cidreira😂

Author — jhenifer Rodrigues


Wow, you went so deep from street food to Amazon jungle food. Very unique and knowledgeable video

Author — Syed Ali


What a great time you had. This video was beyond the food and so much more about the people. Beautiful. Thank you Mark! 🇧🇷

Author — Filipe Drumond


mark this was one of the best shows you have ever done-what fantastic people SO REAL! LOVE IT

Author — Anthony Blignaut


Que cara humilde mano, gente de primeira qualidade 👍

Author — Isaque Cabral


It reminds me my beautiful hometown Rangamati. Being an indigenous person it makes me feel nostalgic. Such a lovely episode 😍

Author — dr. ryan