Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

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Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil! 5

MANAUS, BRAZIL - During my food trip to Brazil there was no place I wanted to visit more than the Amazon Rainforest. We flew to Manaus (if you look at a map, Manaus is directly in the heart center of the Amazon). The jungle, the unique dishes and fruits, and the people made it incredible.

Exotic fruit tasting - One of the things that you have to do when you’re in Brazil, especially in the Amazon is sample all the unique and indigenous fruits of the region, some that are only available there. We started with mari-mari, an amazing long pod fruit and have inga (ice cream bean fruit) and biribá - wild sugar apple. All the fruit - 10 BRL ($2.55)

Manaus is a pretty big city, especially for being in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. They have a big market, full of fruits, vegetables and fish. We headed straight for some tucumã, a type of palm tree fruit that’s essential in the local diet.

Jenipapo - Along the way we also tried some jenipapo, a pretty unique fruit.

Tucumã sandwiches - Sandwich shop owners better take note! Tucumã sandwiches are a true Amazonian food and they are delicious. Along with the palm fruit they were paired with cheese and fried sweet banana. It’s a perfect breakfast and way to start the day in the Amazon. Price - about 10 BRL ($2.55) per sandwich

Tambaqui fish - Tambaqui is a fish from the Amazon that’s known for having ribs - seriously almost like pork ribs. We decided to get a fish to bring to the village since we weren’t sure what they’d have al the village.

Amazon village - We didn’t really have a plan, we were just going to find a boat driver and ask him to take us to a village and see if anyone could cool. So we got a boat, and our boat driver asked if they were home and if we could invite ourselves in. We arrived completely unplanned and unannounced and it turned out to be an outstanding learning experience and fun time with an amazing family in the Amazon.

Along with the food we brought, the family mixed up about 4 different exotic drinks - some of them known in the Western world as ingredients in trendy energy drinks - but here in the Amazon of Brazil they are consumed regularly.

It was such an awesome Brazilian Amazonian food meal with the family followed by a time of drumming and dancing, football, and finally a swim in the river. It was an extraordinary day in the Amazon of Brazil.

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You’re better than any BBC or National Geographic

Author — Oleie


I love that Mark doesn't discriminate. This man has eaten with the rich and the poor. He's gone place we only dream about.

Author — Diana Bryant


I love how he likes everything hahahah he could eats sand and be like wooow that's so sandy!

Author — Vik Smash


I just hope and pray the Amazon never get destroyed... such a beautiful culture :-) :)

Author — RaY AiD


Você percebe que há um problema, quando a cultura indígena brasileira é tão menosprezada pelos conterrâneos, e reconhecida lá fora.

Author — Erico Lima


I loved the fact that you really apreciate the true culture of our country. Not the fancy and select stuff. Thank you so much! We love your work! obrigada!!! volte sempre

Author — Mina Dinnouti


They’re full of life. Glad they don’t have to worry about cars, credit card bills, guns or getting sick. God bless them all.

Author — Precious Love


You are amazing, Mark! Love the fact you’re so humble and ready to try everything out. You’re an inspiration and the respect you show towards all cultures is just beautiful. You deserve your own Netflix show! You just made me want to travel around my country even more!! I’m Brazilian and I haven’t lived half of what you have in such a short period of time. 🇧🇷

Author — Thaisa Batista


When those eyes go bigger coupled with a smile, i know im going to envy u again.:~(

Author — michael bauzon


olha a humildade desse cara, o jeito como ele vive e aproveita a vida é uma coisa linda :3

Author — ҜƗŘÎÎŇ


- How many kilos are there?
- *hands fish to the human scale*
- Umm 4 kilos

Author — Jose Carvajal


I love your Enthusiasm and respect for other cultures, You are wonderful I loved watching you

Author — Sulekha Abdi


I love the way Mark's 👀's light up when he tries something New

Author — Colette Watson


Who disliked this?! We will find you. Lol

Author — AnaStacia Nicol


I have tears in my eyes watching this video, I am just deeply touched by the sincerity. 💕💕💕

Author — Ratih Maulida


Que cultura maravilhosa, é tão triste saber que estão destruindo isso, nós todos deveríamos proteger nossas aldeias, índios e florestas

Author — Wil. Abner Souza


Salut AMAZONIA from ROMÂNIA 🇹🇩👍🎩

Author — vasy bylli


mark this was one of the best shows you have ever done-what fantastic people SO REAL! LOVE IT

Author — Anthony Blignaut


Missing my beloved Manaus so much...thank you Mark to show a bit of my lovely hometown, 🙏💚💛

Author — Amanda Siqueira


This brought tears to my eyes. So Beautiful, so natural!

Author — 6ix Level Initiation