Cohesion with Cohesive Devices

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In this video, we introduce some of the ways to improve your written fluency.

Helpful English Advice from the CEAL ELSS VETs @ Lingnan University

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1. Repetition and variety.
2. Transitional devices.
3. Chronological sequencing.

Author — Jiajun Li


Used this in my English classroom! Thanks for the great video^^

Author — Wandering Ravens


what is cohesive devices that add repeat and emphasize?

Author — 壮大な女の子


I were to come here as someone were to state as if i were to use "Cohesive Sentences." As i were left and remain confused, i came to seek as to accomplish the desirement of mine of which to reveal the answer.

Author — Chips.


very usefu video! May I ask why the semicolon was used in the first sample sentence? What if I don't use it? Thx alot!

Author — Miranda Yeung


Wut is the 3 categories of cohesive devices?#1 connectors, #2 determiners, and wut is the third!?
Help me pls:)

Author — Mikaella Sinio


Thank u thank u thank u verry much!! This helps my report!!

Author — Hazel


Please sir drink the red grapes juice because I can't understand your voice (few words) and I'm grieved to think that such an informative video is useless for me due to your odd voice 😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Mahr saeed