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Hi, guys welcome to my channel, I'm Antoinette a New Zealander living in Germany.

In this video I talk about some of the reasons why living in Germany might not be a good fit for you.

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💬 Comments

Learning the language is a sign of respect

Author — Lori Sutherland


A few weeks ago, I heard some english author saying "English are too polite to be honest and Germans are too honest to be polite"

Author — AmbK05h


We don’t have air conditioning, we have „Stoßlüften“😂

Author — sarah


No matter where you live, you should always learn the language. Otherwise you‘ll never understand the culture.

Author — Teacher Susan Ute


, ,You don't need to spend so much money"
Christmas markets:
hold my Glühwein

Author — Ma nu


Ahhh, brutal German honesty: We are just like "Why in hell would you ask me a question if you do not want a honest answer?! "🤔🤔🤔
No matter what the question is! Probably even if we are asked "How are you?" Okay if a non German person asks I might respond in the way the anglophone world would in a act of politeness -no matter how I am- but still be pissed that someone makes me lie for the sake of a kind of politeness that feels so wrong to me 😤
So, please do not use that as greeting in Germany, unless you really want to know how the other person is.

Author — Tanbivo94


I'm German and I honestly think, the partys in little villages are literally better than the ones in big cities 😅😂

Author — Luisa


Most surprising/shocking thing for my wife (American) in Germany was the German aproach on friendships. Almost all her German coworkers seemed to be reserved, no big smalltalk or real bonding. But all of a sudden, a simple "how are you?" to one of her coworkers turned into some sort of a 2 hour therapy session...

I belive, this goes along with your point of brutal honesty. First people tend to be very reserved, but if they let you get closer, you can get overwhelmed with how open Germans can be, when it comes to their personal problems. She felt, there is no inbetween, just "mutual respect" that turns into "trustworthy person".

Author — Sky Dragon


People being brutally honest and telling you what they think is a good thing, unlike Britain where they're super friendly but actually can't stand you.

Author — Visionery1


You don't have to go to festivals if you don't want. There are enough Germans who avoid going to festivals.

Author — J C


Being 55 years old, let me tell you: I remember VERY hot days and summers in Germany. We just didn´t EXPECT air condition, we DEALT with it, lol. It never lasts very long.

Author — jutta popp


"They always find an excuse to celebrate"
I think you might have mispronounced "get drunk"

Author — Anzaia


Of course it’s a sign of ignorance to not even attempt to learn the language of a country! I really don’t understand why you would even want to live somewhere for years when you can’t even basic conversations with people.

Author — Natalie Glynn


these videos always make me happy I'm German :) being proud of our nationality is not very popular I feel like, but I think it should be. It's a great country!

Author — joana 1996


Having grown up in germany I never felt winter much of an issue.. Until I spend my first winter in Finland. From that experience: vitamin d supplements will help a lot.

Author — Peter Petermann


Thumbs up. Giving straight forward honest answers may seem weird for some of the more polite people but it really helps getting to the point. Telling my wife that some dress doesn't suit her is just saving her a lot of time figuring out if it really suits her or not.

Author — Sven Weihusen


I always thought it's normal and actually a good thing, when people are honest. Instead I found that many American people appear kind of unauthentic. Not in a very bad way, but just a bit too friendly.

Author — Clumsie Grace


"It is a sign of ignorance if you live in Germany without learning the language." - I think that sentence holds true for everybody living in any country around the world, not only in Germany.

Author — MoaB


I think learning the language of the country you want to live in is a sign of respect. No matter if you come to Germany or any other country in this world. Here in Germany we know that our language is not the easiest one to learn and me personally, I have a lot of respect for everyone who does learn our language.

But I have to say, I do not agree with the last point on your list. I don't think that you have a problem if you don't like to celebrate in Germany. Especially if you live in a big city. Noone will care if you go to a festival or not. But even in small villages you are not forced to go to any kind of festival.

Author — Vampirella


Regarding the heat, while yes it has gotten hotter in the summer compared to 10 years ago and yes german homes usually don't have airconditioning. Most homes are well enough insulated that as long as you open the windows for a time during cooler times, like early in the morning or late in the evening, the temperature can be kept below 30°C within the apartments. It can become a problem if it's very hot for several weeks since, but it's still managable.
Of course that isn't true for every apartment or house, but I think it does for most.
A good rule of thumb to avoid this is to make sure to avoid apartments in the uppermost floor of a building. Those tend to heat up the most, but as I said how bad it is depends on the building and some other things, like the direction the apartment windows are facing.

Author — Neonsilver13