Hyundai Ioniq 5 P45. UK Review. Part 4. Gravity Gold Matte Paint. Protection Required!

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The matte finish of the Gravity Gold paintwork on my P45 requires a lot more TLC than “normal” paint. I was unaware of this. There were not many paint colour options to choose from during the pre-ordering process in any case. Was not even sure what it would actually look like in real life, but the pictures made it look more like a silvery gold colour.
So now I was going to have this matte paint protected. Which meant having the car “Detailed”. Never had a car detailed or had paint protection before. All new to me.
Which may mean that I am now almost a full-on “YouTuber!”😂😂

Was highly recommended a local detailer Richard. Based in Cardiff, South Wales.He very kindly agreed to allow me to film the whole paint protection process. Please check out his website,twitter & Facebook pages..

The word “Meticulous” does not fully cover what he does..

Over 6 and a half hours of work edited down to around 20 minutes!

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This was soooo relaxing to watch. Really nice to see an artisan-like approach to detailing cars. Loved the way he took his time with the wiping/coating applications. So soothing to watch. To top it all off - no annoying music.

Author — Lone Wolf


Thanks for the video Mark. Great work by Richard 👏 I have ordered the same colour (on purpose) but have no experience of matte paint on cars. Looks great but definitely having second thoughts given the work involved in the upkeep 🤔

Author — bikecrash611


Keep us posted how well this last. I love the matte - but I’m really lazy w washing our cars, so matte wouldn’t work for us.

Author — Wasabi9111


Very satisfying to watch and listen to, and (13:24) yes, i'd be definitely in the zen-comfort-zone there, polishing off the material. Well, I'd be, of course, this is some work and also some business to run off of this... so, thanks to both of you...

Author — sim sam


Matt paint looks amazing but scares the shit out of me and I'm a detailer hobbyist myself.
So I'm interested to see how a mid range car handles it in the real world.
It's a wide car and if it takes a knock there's no pulling it it out or touching it up.
Every YouTube video screams don't do it!
Keep us updated ❤️

Author — Drone.Camera.Action


Thank you !
You just convinced me to never buy a car with matte finish 👍

Author — Tom Drummy


I know from matte finishes on sport bikes that you shouldn’t wax them because it will reverse the matte look. Also electric vehicles shouldn’t go through soft touch car washes. It can misalign sensors and damage other things. In fact, some manufacturers recommend against even touch-less car washes.

Author — Rocket Man


Just ordered an ionic 5 and unfortunately they only had gravity gold left so I'm now a little worried. Have you found the rear window clears the rain more easily with the coating?

Author — Simon


Very nice indeed.. Apologies for noticing but I’d discard my wristwatch if I was detailing in such detail.. Fantastic results though.

Author — Xprs125


Loved watching this, my gravity gold is being delivered on Thursday and so excited. However, like you said at the start of the video i had no idea about matte finishes either and now pannicking, especially as I am leasing mine... gulp .... scratches .... gulp

Author — Kilroy Films


The two bucket method, at least as I understand and do, is a bucket of shampoo with grit guard, and a second bucket of clean water. The idea you wash your 'lambs wool' wash mit in the clean water and then wipe it over the grit guard in the shampoo bucket, thus preventing any grit from the car being wiped from one panel over another to eliminate scratches.
Never seen what your guy has done before or nor can I see the point of what he's doing as he's just wiping the wash mit from one panel to the next without cleaning it first. Additionally and whilst I may be wrong with a matte finish, but he has made no attempt at all to correct the paintwork of any existing swirls or surface scratches or prep the paint for best adhesion of the sealant.
I'm sorry but from my experience of Detailers it should be a far more extensive job as otherwise you are just sealing in any paint imperfections. The normal price for this level of work should start at least at £500, I hope your guy didn't charge you anywhere near that.
Finally, whilst just my opinion, the claims of these paint sealant products is vastly over estimated at years, and bird droppings need to be removed ASAP to avoid etching the lacquer regardless of a sealant. I use a Cannuba based wax 'Swissvax Best of Show' which may only last a few months, but then can be reapplied by me rather than having to pay for another sealant application.
Sorry to be so critical, and of course it's your car and money and if you're happy then that is all that really matters!

Author — Keith Shayle


When I wash my Gravity Gold P45 I tend to use a hand held Car detailing Blower connected via the V2l External adapter (if no easy access to an electric point) to blow off most of the water, then I use very high quality microfibre cloths to wipe the car dry.

Author — Philip Reece


Great video 👍
Just wondering what is the comfort level in this car ie seats? Suspension? Back support? l compared to other cars you have owned.
Thanks Michael

Author — Michael Sommerauer


Hi, great video and love the color, would you say it’s more silver with maybe the slightest hint of gold or more gold with a slight hint of silver?

Author — John Gannon


Thanks Mark. What is your average fuel economy for this car? Do you use both motorway and town roads much?

Author — Peter Twiss


Hi Marky, I also have a Gravity Gold I-5 P45, could you share how much the detailing cost? I see the Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer cost £250 for a small bottle, plus a day's work applying this product! Many thanks in advance!

Author — Mike Jacques


This was such a relaxing video to listen to. Almost like an ASMR video. I actually napped to it playing in the background.

Author — idlerose


I’ve ordered a Matt grey and will have a ceramic coat applied, just a bit worried it won’t fit in the garage, looks bigger than my Focus

Author — Stephen Golds


This is particularly useful, thankyou, as I've ordered moonshot grey, and don't live far from Penarth.

Author — Guybrush Threepwood


Re the pigeons. Get the gaps round the edge of the solar filled. I had a big nesting problem, and as I use the roof for drinking water had to do something. Put bird wire all round (there are specific plastic net applications also) and washed the whole solar with detol solution. Its their poo smell they come back too, and disinfectant removes that smell. They one reconnects the down pipes to the rainwater tank...

Author — RiverGlades Garden Railroad