Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: MODERN YACHT HOUSE 2 - BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Funny Animation

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Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: MODERN YACHT HOUSE 2 - BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Funny Animation 5

➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD Animation

Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

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This video is made for a wide range of audiences,(for general audience) for everyone who likes Minecraft, for all ages, especially for people who are over the age 13 since it shows difficult building process of different houses.The silly act of the "noob" character is made with the purpose to entertain and represent the character of a funny Minecraft player, who has lower building skills, and not to aim towards younger audiences under the age 13. The video is not made to target a younger audience under age 13. Targeted ads are used, as well as normal ads. YouTube may also collect your data, whilst watching the video. If you're under the age of 13, please ask for your parent's permission and contact YouTube or FTC for further information about videos that are "not made for kids" before watching the video. Please read the Youtube policies under "not made for kids". Thank you.

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Author — WiederDude


So they’re all millionaires and they can afford a yacht house

Author — Weirdo Edits


Noob: can build a decent yacht
Me: can’t even build a boat the size of a beetle

Author — Jakey Fly


How did you remove the water from the ship?

Author — Nelio Wagnitz


I love all your videos. Noob your getting better. Pro good building. Hacker you are good but sometimes your the same as God. And finally God I love your awesome building your family and your soul. All you guys are perfect just the way you are with your building and your family you guys will be the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th king's of the world and if you're on lockdown you guys will always be perfect just the way you are everyone loves you guys

Author — Nick Gear


Great builds dude! I've never been the best with boats, the designs were great but the last one was awesome. Keep up the great work dude 😀👍😀

Author — BlueNerd Minecraft


Noob: I live in the most luxurious yacht ever! God: sure kid keep telling yourself that :)

Author — Claira Smith


I want to build the hackers 1, l cant

Author — Gem Gem


Can pro make his own tutorial on how to build thing he is really good

Author — Ben Creedy


How do you get the recording to look like that.



Everybody: “pros my build”

Me:noobs mine...

Author — RandT B GAMING


This guy made the “god” dab in-ironically in 2020. If he’s a god then he’s the god of cringe.

Author — Callum B


Are you kidding? The God is making a Titanic.

Author — saptarshi infotech


MGA BOBO etong Monster school barilin si enderman

Author — Von andrei Gerero


The pro’s build is the closest to what i can build. But i can never make anything exactly like it :(

Author — EnerJetix


I have some problems:
A.) Who builds a boat out of wool?
B.) Who is cruel enough to leave a chest full of woolen boat building supplies for a shipwrecked noob?

Author — That Guy


I have never seen a boat with a spoiler

Author — Malik


Comment pouvez-vous construire des si jolis bateaux

Author — vincent darrigade


4:00 Noob's boat looks great because he didn't use dirt at all

Author — victor yorlano


(Noob) if his first boat burned to death, then why did he build the second one out of wool?!?!

Author — Adam Landgraff