By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

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By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers) 5
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Are you smarter than a 5th grader was a great show, and we decided to basically copy them. The quiz show will be based on 5th grade level questions and every question you answer, you earn $1000 for charity!

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Hosuh referring to himself in the third person is just adorable

Author — The Gentleman


*"Can you survive the purge"*

Me: that's right it has 8.9 mill--
Dan: *wrong*

Holy shoot I didn't expected that many likes

Author — Angelica Atoshiro


"yOu CaN sUcK a DiCk SiR"
~Stephen 2019~

Author — Perry_The_Platapus


By the way, what personality are you?
(Dan, Hosuh and Steven: take the 16 personalities test )

Author — Khadija atif


"What are the three states of matter"
"There are 4 states of matter!"

Me: Gas, liquid, solid, and What's the Matter.

"What country are an island and a continent?"
Me: Hawaii
Stephen: Australia
Me: I-

Author — Athena X


Ann “I majored in history”

Also Ann “I don’t trust history”

Author — ButterflyColors


I don’t really know if this is a good idea but there’s this show on Netflix called “The Good Place” thats about this group of four people that died and were chosen to participate in a new idea called the fake good place. They tortured each other without realizing it and after some episodes, the main character figures out they are in the actual bad place when the architect says they need to choose 2 people to go to the bad place because out of the four, two of them are led to think they don’t belong in the good place and are fakes. The other two are “meant” to be there, and are so led to believe.
I just think it would be a good “Can you survive” video and hint at them that they are actually in the bad place and figure it out. But at the end just tell them your going to reset them and try again to get the “experiment” going for a thousand years.

Just an idea uwu
Tell me if you think this is a good idea ^^💦💦

Author — Yumi Torres


Dan: What are the 3 states of matter?


Dan: Not in fifth grade-

Me, a fifth grader: There’s actually five or something-

Author — Useless_kid _02


Ok I love how Hosuh addresses himself in 3rd person it’s so cute

“Hosuh thinks we should have team names”

“This is to much power for Hosuh”

Author — Chubby Bun


Dan neglecting fourth state of matter
Stephen: **triggered**
Stephen didn't mention the FIFTH state of matter
Me: **WhAT?!1!**

Author — Casually Lurking


*”its a fifth grade level, what could go wrong?”*

*oh Ann, little do you know—*

Author — afullmxxn


Dan: What is the main language spoken in the country of Quebec-

me being in sync with Ann: FRANÇAIS!!!

Author — Goldshineaj is some kid


Me: a 9th grader

Also me: doesnt know the answer to half of these questions

Author — Y/N The ARMY


Stephen: It's team Stephen, and the side characters

Me: So... You're main hero today huh? 😂😂😂

Author — Ai Neco


Comments section: *stuff relating to the content of this video*
Me: *searches for someone to notice the South Park references*

Author — The First Baker


You really need to do a “Can You Survive Danganronpa?”

Author — hehe


Dan: "Battle breakers was built by a small team at epic games"
Me: This will never beat fortnite.

Author — oddboi23


Actually, there are five states of matter: They missed Bose-Einstein Condensate

:) Good job Steven

Author — Esther


Ann:were dumber than the Americans
Dan: how many sides on a hexagon
Both: six

Author — I am thanos knuckle Hehe


they didn't bring jay on cuz he's to smart and would of destroyed everyone

Author — Jason Deres