First FULL ADVENTURE ON DayZ's Latest Map - Eden! UNEDITED DayZ.

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Bonding over fishing leads to a fun little run on the new map Eden.

Recorded on Zero Eden.

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I am a full time streamer and stream around 5/6 days per week. Please see my Twitch page for latest schedule.

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💬 Comments

This is a bonus vid for those that like the unedited vids. There is an edited one coming on Sunday at 3pm like normal!!! <3

Author — TheRunningManZ


I find the 3 to 4 hours unedited streams quite balanced and enjoyable, so thank you for the upload and keep it up.

Author — Frosty Lucas


Man, nothing beats those moments where you and some dude are just chilling and then BAM one of you gets shot down. A truly classic DayZ moment that everyone experiences at least once.

Author — CorvoSeesTheVoid


I've been waiting for a tropical DayZ map to come out. I hope they put custom sounds on it though, not just the Chernarus windyness. Would be nice to hear tropical birds, insects and ocean waves.

Author — Seen Don


The part where you refused to call out a least-favorite map. That's very good, very respectable and mature. That's a wonderful nugget of leadership that I'm going to add to my knowledge.

Author — mercmech


Long time subscriber and I just want to say thank you for all the content over the years.

Author — Flagrantly Obtuse


I checked out some of your first videos and DayZ and yourself have gone such a long way I'm really happy for you Paul!!!

Author — Canadianpressure


The Fisherman revenge was epic.... loved it

Author — xOLDGUYx


Funniest bit in this video after you lighted the firecrackers and zombie was following you:
TRMZ: Dude, axe him a question!
Hank: … (be like: I don’t know what to ask him, I think he only wants to talk to you)

Really chill and fun adventure, this longer unedited videos are so fun to watch or even listen in background, such a great guy you are! 🙏

Author — pomar1an


The longer videos are great I remember around this time last year I went away with the family and I had a 10 hour video to do me the week when the kids and miss's went to bed and I chilled with a few whiskeys and coke and a j or 2 and it was a week of nightly bliss 😊

Author — Carlos the jackel


man oh man that was a crazy should think about doing the ironman triatholon

Author — Chris


I battled liver disease last year and it was a long painful scarey journey. I watch every video you have on youtube while i was sick and i dont remember a single one i didnt enjoy like it was my last 😁. I make jokes now but really much appreciated! Thanx for the great entertainment.

Author — AkTroy907


i found some time this week to really play through eden and deer isle and had loads of fun even being able to run with 6 other randoms all the way to the snow of deer isle. Great to see inventive new maps coming to dayz, and who doesn't love a bit of fishing.

Author — TheBeefyJunior


keep up the great work i love having these unedited videos i can binge watch for an hour or 2 and stop and come back to finish it and its always great content

Author — Brandon Roberts


I played Dayz a few times in Arma II a long time back, and have the urge to try the standalone finally. I'm really enjoying your content, glad I found you.

Author — Violicious


Love your content mate onest your so onest an humble, you made me play DayZ an get my own server lol I'll make it big like you one day keep it up running Man 😉

Author — AngryGinge


This is a blessing. Can't wait to get home to watch my favorite dayz streamer #therunningmanz

Author — Awesome Joe


Over the last year I feel your video quality has really stepped up a notch and the new editor is doing great, I’m glad to see you still gaining steady growth you’ve more then earned it man, love the content💪

Author — Coleman Zapien


Just came across you a couple days back. Definitely one of my favorite DayZ content creators. Good stuff man, keep it up!

Author — Raid King


Great adventure here from the murder beach struggles, sweet revenge and getting your press vest back to being fully looted at the airfield. How did you die at the very end was there another shooter or did you die from injuries even though your health was yellow?

Author — rootchino