Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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After my construction company ruins down with over $900k in dept. I overheard about Governmental Grants, so I started making my research about it and how it works. After series of research, I later hire a Governmental Grant Writer and narrated all my story to him. We started all the process, and it took about a month before I was later approved and awarded a Governmental Grant of $2 million. I cleared up my dept in other to keep my credit in good state and I venture into trucking business. I'm doing perfectly well for myself now and having the most peaceful moment ever. I pray everyone reading this today get breakthrough in any situation or condition you are. Y'all have an Awesome weekend. You got a new subscriber, looking forward for more great and inspiring content from you.

Author — Dan David


This demonstrates how important it is to prioritize financial guidance before pursuing any course of action. Happy to have found your dhannel.

Author — Ally Ivanov


Thank you!
As an Entrepreneurs I'm always concerned not getting into debt while searching for a startup funding options for my business. Your contents and videos did a great work leading me through the path of applying for a startup business grant few months ago. My business grant proposal of $245k was approved yesterday by federal grants. Thanks for your help.

Author — Clement Roberto


Managing money is different from accumulating wealth, and the lack of investment education in schools may explain why people struggle to maintain their financial gains. The examples you provided are relevant, and I personally benefited from the market crisis, as I embrace challenging times while others tend to avoid them. Well, at least my advisor does too, jokingly.

Author — Ohiri Akachukwu


This explains the mechanics really well, but actually implementing is easier said than done. Also this only really applies to tech startups that have a ridiculously high market potential (aka selling to almost every person on the planet, in some way). Great video all in all!

Author — thrift-hack


For investors it was an exit, but for many founders its just a beginning ❤

Author — Dreamer inc.


Nothing like procrastinating to study for finance by watching a finance related video

Author — Chair Lee


Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments. Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate the stability of the market and precisely when the change is going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks' been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.

Author — Katherine Anderson


Thank you so much for this video demonstration. I'm a visual learner and this has helped me tremendously! I'm collecting research for my startup company and will launch it next year after I graduate with my degree in economics. I want to wish everyone luck and good fortune on their business adventure and I can't wait to see what you all are capable of accomplishing.

Author — Jessica Machiavelli


I remember the basics from cost accounting, but the "startups" context is very much appreciated. Thanks for putting this together in an easy-to-follow way.

Author — #define SIGINT 2


I am entrepreneur myself. I thought its easy to understand how this funding process work, but over a period of Time I realized I am not getting the actual knowledge and It was very unclear to me. Now, within 5 minutes you explained everything so easily. High five buddy

Author — Deepak Sharma


1. Small talk and business talk are important in pitching a startup.
2. A clear vision and concept are necessary for success.
3. Tough questions will be asked, and competition will be present.
4. Legal incorporation and structure are necessary for a successful company.
5. Milestones and vesting of shares are important considerations.
6. A competent team and special idea are crucial for investors.
7. Business plans may not be as important as the team and idea.
8. Achievements and potential success are key factors in attracting investors.
9. Valuation and investment will be discussed.
10. Differentiation and sparking interest are important in attracting investors.

Author — gavinlee0704


great job @The Rest Of Us ! thank you for this amazingly simplified version of startup funding ! very informative :)
keep the great work up !

Author — 1306anand


I'm an MBA student and this is incredibly well explained.
There was not one unnecessary bit of information, which is rare to find. The narrator is great!

Author — Jo B


never in the history of start-up youtube videos has so much information been portrayed so clearly in so few seconds. thanks for the great video.

Author — Jeremiah Faith


I had been breaking my head for almost a week, surfing the net to try to understand how private company shares and valuation work. This video sums it up and explains it wonderfully. Thank you!

Author — Manoj Ramesh


Amazing how simple you presented this! Had to study this for an exam but didn't get the functioning of the process at all. Now thanks to this video I do! Keep it up!

Author — Yamsi Willaeys


Great video. I've come across multiple trading videos, but they often lack practical advice. Would you be able to recommend a reputable trading coach who can provide effective guidance?

Author — Amiya christ


Building wealth from nothing involves consistent saving, disciplined spending, and strategic investments. Begin by creating a budget to track expenses and identify areas for savings. Prioritize paying off high-interest debt and establishing an emergency fund. As you build a foundation, start investing in low-cost options like index funds, and focus on continuous learning and improving your skills for better income opportunities.

Author — Perez.esq1


🎯 This video is good, so on point! There's a lot to learn in this startup life world. For me, as I'm still currently going through the Phase 1 journey, it's important and apparent to recognize your core strengths and prioritize tasks that align with your expertise. This allows me to maximize my productivity and deliver higher quality work. So it's crucial to focus on your strengths and delegating non-core tasks, it really helps you maintain a balance between efficiency and growth. Thx for his explainer vid!

Author — Grow Your Brand with Rob Villanueva 🌱