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We have been praising the Maruti Jimny for being the best enthusiast's SUV that you can buy. However, is that really the case? We pit the much talked about Jimny against the Hyundai Venue N Line, Volkswagen Taigun and Kia Seltos to see what SUV comes out on top as the best driver's SUV under 20 lakh. To make it more competitive, Shivank Bhatt and Karan Mathur get into a hot debate in the foothills of the Himalayas to give all these SUVs a proper shakedown test.

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Presenter: Shivank Bhatt and Karan Mathur
Cinematographer: Sunil Chauhan
Editor: Manish Bharti

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2023 Maruti Suzuki Jimny vs Kia Seltos vs Hyundai Venue N Line vs Volkswagen Taigun Comparison Test Review

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Tell us which one is your favorite out of these four? Or do you have any other SUV in mind?

Author — @autoX


No matter what but Seltos has the best road presence in segment

Author — @lifestylematters5781


This video made my day, lovely video. If someone ever ask me why did you buy a Jimny, I will send this link to watch and convey them with it!!!! ❤

Author — @abhishekhedaoo4585


You don't 'need' a Jimny, you just 'want' one! 🍻

Author — @cmdiablo100


Loved the banter style of review it was more entertaining than plane Jane review videos. However my goto Car would be the Seltos . It is full package . Second choice ofcourse Taigun

Author — @tanmayrgup


Bingo. I had Thar 2020 for 15000 kms. And then one day i drove jimny. 5 days later sold my Thar and bought a JIMNY AT. It is a car which can tick all boxes with 4 stars in every aspect. Not a 5 star in any aspect. But yes it is far better than other normal cars. Enjoying every drive of mine. 3500 kms + on my Jimny. 😎

Author — @raman5682


If you stand with your mind, it is the JIMNY
If your family comes in, they'll get out and go for the SELTOS.




Jimny all the way. Grand Vitara AllGrip would be the next choice.

Author — @rdaroga


We all are expecting comparison of 4WD OR AWD OR OFFROAD Thar, Jimny

Author — @shanmugaraj1499


You made all sorts of critical comments about Jimny and made it a winner still!
I agree there is a reason to buy the car and that is why it is selling in decent numbers.
It’s a good idea to compare the car with cars at comparable price points.
But other than the price, there is nothing else.
The content is good but I think it could not achieve the desired result for me at least.
But nonetheless I enjoy watching contents about cars and I enjoyed your video too and that’s about it.

Author — @baskarsathya9300


Thats why i do have both kushaq+jimny❤❤❤



Why you guys didn't consider Honda Elevate and Creta in this discussion or number 1 race?

Author — @shyamdangi2


If you want jimny you need Mavericks advice "don't think, just do" Cause you don't need it but just wants it.... If you think about VFM then jimny doesn't make sense

Author — @mahi98goodguy


Hi what was xuv 300 Tgdi not considered in this …any specific reasons ?

Author — @ashishtripathiofficial1342


Duster turbo 1.3
Mercedes engine great suspension than any of these buffed up hatches
And the pure driving pleasure
And the steering feed back it's far better than all of these
A pure manual oldschooled car

Author — @nikhilnagesh


Have you considered all options? It was your question, pleas answer it 😁.

Author — @india_travelgram_


16:47 rear armrest 🤣🤣 even the armrest is not holding it's position and you think it'll save you from unwanted accident 😅

Author — @RahulChoudhary-dy4ni


70 years old . Have owned a Skoda Yeti for 10 years . Heart is set on the Jimny Manual Zeta which I would bargain with the latest year end offers and hope to get at 11.5 lakhs OTR (no frills, only third party insurance etc.) . Close my eyes and go for it ??? Would you suggest Zeta auto for me ??? Almost 80 % city driving only . Very very little off-roading .

Author — @ajaysengupta1


One of the most important video to make up your mind sure Jimmy is no. One Car in comparison... Fan boy car 😂

Author — @user-vn3cq6lj1h


You are comparing one suv with three pseudo suv I think 😊😊

Author — @umeshbagul6858