What is a Press Kit And How Can You Use it For Promotion?

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

The term press kit is used often in the trade show industry, but, with the new digital age what does a press kit entail? Caterina Lui, senior customer content specialist for Cision PR Newswire’s trade show division discusses a question facing those new to the trade show industry – what’s a press kit?

In this video, Lui explains what a press kit is, how they are used and discusses the qualities to look for in a successful online press kit service.

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I have a few questions regarding your press kit. How many times do you create a press kit? It's a hard copies? How many copies you need per events? Also does the press kit actually work?

Author — Katie


can a youtuber get access to press kit of a film studio like warner bros to use the video samples of a movie(by warner bros) in their youtube channel without getting copyright infrigment?

Author — Shubham Patra