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Agents Of Mayhem Review 2.5
Is Agents of Mayhem a must buy, or is it like a not-so-great 90s cartoon reference that you would be better off forgetting? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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Nobody asked for this game. All thy had to do was reboot the saints row franchise

Author — allen13e


All the criticisms in this review are exactly how I felt about Saints Row IV. Except that as bad as SR4 was, it's hard to top that dumpster fire.

So, it's not like I was expecting much out of Agents of Mayhem.

Author — Rio Kamichika


the game isn't perfect by no means but a 4 is a bit harsh. there's some fun to be had with agents of mayhem. from what I've played I'd at least give a 7

Author — kazuma


Eh, think I will be giving this one a pass.

Author — Raene Creta


He said its like a mature 80s cartoon... and then continues to complain about the style. Someone needs to out this guy in charge of reviewing only the History Channel games.

Author — TheGamingNotes


Someone takes his games way too serious.

Author — JamaalSTL


Gamespot is normally full of itself but I agree with this particular review.

So much wait and hype for the next entry in the general Saints Row franchise. This was not worth it. My friend pre-ordered it and I played it at his house. We were both SORELY disappointed.

Author — TheRyumancer


Welll I'm having fun with this game haven't trusted gamespot since they gave infamous 2 bad review

Author — Daquain Flood


Sounds like someone forgot to pay gamespot

Author — All about animation


This man sounds like he's reading off a script

Author — ShadowOfNexxus


Shocker it sucks, I called it and got hate for it. 😒😒😒

Author — James Sabins


those jokes are gold! the reviewer obviously doesn't have a sense of humor and hates fun things.

Author — Jim Street


You gotta be f***ing kidding me, 4? This game deserves at the very least a 7. You're very bad at doing reviews man

Author — まるちゃん


This game needs to be taken outside and executed in front of it's neglectful parents.

Author — James Meldrum


Wow, what a surprise. The game is shit. I've been saying that since Saints Row IV came out, and this feels like the exact same game only with even _more_ limitations.

Author — Zoey Winchester


Same crap as Fornite! A game worth no more than $40

Author — Syler82


A 4? When ME Andromeda got a 6? Isn't that a bit too much? :S

Author — Ena


Looks like they collected everything I hate and made it into a game.

Author — Adnan Ahmed


sounds more like a review of the comic com crackdown 3 playthrough?

Author — darthdorian


Man Gamespot's really strict aren't they...

Author — w_R Andrs