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Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5
Psychopaths probably make up around 20 per cent of the prison population in both the USA and Britain. They are four times more likely to re-offend than other released prisoners, yet they are just as likely to get parole. Little is known about the minds of psychopaths and what is really behind the horrific things they do – but Equinox tackles the subject in this insightful documentary. Professor Robert Hare – consulted by the FBI and British Home Office – is the undisputed oracle on the psychopathic mind.

In Psychopaths, he reveals stunning new evidence behind their behaviour, and suggests people should look to the brain for clues and not bad upbringing. This programme examines the Psychopathy Checklist, IQ distribution and blending in to social norms; and reports the peculiar phenomenon that treatment programmes make psychopaths re-offend earlier and more aggressively.

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Psychopaths are very clever. When they are given therapy to try to teach them empathy, they basically learn how to fake empathy in order to lie and manipulate people more successfully.

Author — Figaro Hey!


After watching this I realize my Cat is a Psychopath-Serial Killer. She doesn't just kill mice she, brings them in the house and bats them around in a vicious cruel manner until they are dead. Then she goes and gets another. She kills roughly once a week, after about 5 yrs she's killed roughly 250 times. I think I'm harboring the most prolific Serial Killer of our time. I've confronted her about it but she seems to show no remorse

Author — Ziggy The Adventurer


The majority of Psychopaths are actually in the Corporate and Political sector not Prisons.

Author — Ginger Nutz


Ironically there's probably more psychopaths, putting people in jail, than there actually is in jail.

Author — Exile 1


If he was gonna murder anyone he could have gone after his barber

Author — Lucy _


The camera needs to back off several feet. I don't need to see everyone's pores.

Author — Eat Our Babies


My brother is a psychopath. I grew up seeing him manipulate my parents, siblings, friends and every situation he could. We are adults now and hes worst. He told me he wants to kill me and my mom. I see right through him and he cant stand it. Just because you are blood related to a psychopath does not mean you have to keep them in your life

Author — Ca Da


this must be 20 years old; would be interesting to see the developments since then

Author — Guybrush Threepwood


" I uh stabbed him... he lived " bruh

Author — Tessa Onah


You know this documentary is old cus the twin towers are still there

Author — Geneva Welch


I wonder if a psychopath realizes when another psychopath is scamming or using them?

Author — Shell By The Sea


From what I understand, psychopathy is a birth defect, sociopathy is a result of poor social environments.

Author — ss


This guy talks about molesting four boys like I tell someone how I like my coffee. I think the death penalty would be in order for this guy, you know he can never be trusted.

Author — Mike McGomer


Fine Youtube, fine! I'm finally watching this video... now you can stop recommending it to me!

Author — ForbiddenFish


Wonder how many psychologists that are psychopaths?

Author — Idio Syncrasy


When you have the emotional capability of a lizard, people are probably going to die.

Author — zack black


saw the thumbnail and was like damn women can be psychotic too....

Author — Elizabeth Thornton


Don't mess with that kid he'll stick ya

Author — Samir Al-Kaissi


Godamn, so many internet psychiatrists in the comments.

Author — Usrnot found


The true psychopathy is the quantity of ads in this vid.

Author — casualsweater