Miku Expo 2016 Live Concert In Toronto - リモコン Remote Control by じーざすP - 1080 HD

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Miku Expo 2016 Live Concert In Toronto - リモコン Remote Control by じーざすP - 1080 HD 5

"Remote Control", another high energy song and one of my favorites of the Kagamine twins.

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len: hey you guys wanna see me do a flip

Author — moist floor sock


Rin: dancing normally

Len: *it's free real estate*

Author — Random User


I like how Rin pushes him around like he forgot the choreography. I wanna see more of that in the concerts. I wanna see someone maybe trip a little or lose their footing at least.

Author — dezmond


Added to my to-do befor I die list: go to a Vocaloid Concert

Author — AOokami


Can we all take a moment to appreciate who choreographs the Vocaloid dances?? I can think of only a few, if any at all, dances I haven't been impressed with. They're always so cute, energetic and spot-on!

Author — Hannah Garner



Don't you hate it when your twin brother forgets the choreography for your live concert in Toronto and you have to pull him around the stage while he lazily follows your moves

Author — Kenny McCormick


"Mom can I go to a concert?"
"Whos concert?"
"Rin and Len"
"Who are they?"
"A blonde teen singing duo"
"Sure they sound nice"
"Theyre holograms"
"Wth no"

Author — wii wrist strap


I find it funny how at the end Rin physically pulled Len around like he didn't know what he was doing.

Author — MinecraftSurveyCorps


rin: *jumps and flails arms around*
the audience: woo..
len: *starts busting out sick dance moves*
the audience: wooo!!
Len: *cartwheels*
the audience:

Author — Iggy far


When you realize Vocaloids dance and sing better than you.

Author — Karin Sotana


Rin: Oh, i must do the choregraphy perfectly i must not forget anything.
Len: I forgot everything, therefore i am gonna do a cartwheel and bunch of high kicks

Author — Tsukuyomi Kitsune


it must have been hard not to enjoy the full concert and recording it the whole time...I Respect your Will power

Author — Yoongi's will to live


3:34 zooming in and out furiously makes everything look better XD

Author — BadUploadScheduleツ


4:01 I find this part adorable cause it looks like Len forgets what he’s supposed to do next and just kinda stands still for a second before Rin has to remind him what he’s supposed to do. It’s these little things that make vocoloid seem alive :)

Author — A Salty Lemon


Me to my brother: why can't we be cool siblings

Author — Mimi M


I'm pretty sure I just heard a thousand screaming fangirls when they saw Len start workin' it Jesus Christ

Author — atheon


Len : breakdances like it’s like last time he will ever breakdance

Rin : waves her arms around


Author — LuminouslyMe


At this point, Len is basically confirmed the best dancer out of all the Crypton family.
And I love it so much.

Author — Saks


I like how Len's voice cracks a little bit :3

Author — Walela Rose


Len was shaking his hips more than Rin. XD

Author — Jim Weinheimer