Battle For Mosul

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As Iraqi forces attempt to retake Mosul from Isis, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad joins their elite Golden Division on the frontline, speaking with civilians, soldiers and Isis suspects. At constant risk from Isis snipers and suicide bombers, can commander Munthadar and his men ever bring peace to Mosul? And if they do, will the exhausted civilian population trust them?

A PBS FRONTLINE production with Mongoose Films in association with The Guardian

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deepest respect for those Iraqi soldiers, who remained in their motherland and keep fighting!

Author — Laurynas K


"if you join the isis you are not human anymore"
ain't that the truth

Author — Jarhead WhiskeyTango


2020 anyone? Still a heart breaking, anger raging truth of war right here..

Author — Coryle Core


What's that? Hints of some honest to god good journalism? Keep it up.

Author — MoJI4yH180


Really grim. These soldiers are tough as hell... and so are the civilians.

Author — TheBobes


couldn't stop myself by applauding the work.... the best documentary I have seen regarding war in Mosul... feeling terrible

Author — Sagar Shrestha


This is incredible reporting. Total respect to the producer, reporter and the Guardian for generating this content.

Author — Chanc


It's time the Iraq people place their Nationality First!
No Shia, Sunni, Kurd, Arab. Iraqi First! They need a Leader that will Unite the People and bring the Country into the modern age. I dream one day that I will travel to Iraq in 30 years and walked down a beautiful paved road in Baghdad and look upon a Modern City one to rival any Western one.

Author — James Carbon


As an American I want to thank every Iraqi that retrained and bravely took the fight head on, in defense of innocent people, regardless of religious beliefs. The videos Ive seen of civilians breaking down in tears at the site of the Iraqis liberating them speaks volumes.

I want to be clear that when you Iraqis dedicate your life to the defence of others who are defenseless (no matter of their sect. or religion) you prove to the outside world that Iraqis are worthy of the utmost respect.

I encourage everyone to continue with this, so more of us in the west can see past the mainstream medias discrimination. I really am proud of your people and admire the strength you have, in the midst of all this.

Keep standing for the good of all innocent people and I will stand by my words, when I say Iraqis have absolutely earned the respect I have for them.

Author — Dissociation Nation


10:14 broke my heart. Such an innocent kid, what did he do to deserve living through this? We as humans have failed ourselves to take care of our own fellow humans.

Author — Stannis Baratheon


whose here in March 2019😊😊
isis done and dusted👍



27:22 You know you're badass when you go to war in flip-flops

Author — Flávio Meneses


Many may disagree with The Guardian's left-leaning politics and opinions, but nobody can't deny the credit they (and PBS) deserve for incredible journalism such as this.

Amazing job!

edit: addition of due credit to PBS in this film

Author — J. Matthew


Reporters and camera men risk their lives to bring us real news and documentaries like this. They deserve just as much credit as the ones fighting. Maybe more since they can't protect themselves with a camera and microphone.
Good job

Author — Mike Dertouzos


this documentary just make me appreciate the life I'm living now even if I'm poor

Author — Am RA


Thank you for liberating us ❤️ i was living in this hell for 2 years.

Author — Osama Abdul muhsin


This is a grim but great film about what is going on there...the pure hell those civilians are trying to survive in. The Guardian is one of the few newspapers I still regularly follow, they do great work.

Author — Leon Smoothy


The kid at 16:11 is a beast, such strength. Praise be regardless of what u believe but this child is the generation that will outlive us.

Author — Dust King


Imagine raising your kids and they joined isis 🤦‍♂️

Author — alan runner


Who's here: 2020 - just to see if someone mention: 'SOLEIMANI'...

Author — enigma jd