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Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut 5

About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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About Cut:
Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

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💬 Comments on the video

Me: Im scared of drowning Grey shirt guy: throws me into the ocean

Author — Alexandria Geiler


Are we just gonna ignore the girl who literally threw up 3 times in front of everyone

Author — I don’t want Subscribers


Bruh the guy in the grey shirt is like self obsessed, thinks everyone is overreacting and thinks it can all be cured.

Author — Grace Mason


Me: scared of death:
The guy in the grey shirt: *kills me*
Also hm: ItS nOt ThAt BaD sEe!

Author — 「Mini_ Mochi」


*There’s always that one person in these interviews that everyone hates.*

Author — S U N F L O W E R


“Oh trust me there’s a bunch of clowns out there”
Her: 👁👄👁

Author — • Gabzilla •


6:02 “🤨it’s not doing anything...”
Bro do you not understand how phobias work

Author — Slightly Distressed Slug


The guy I told he grey shirt was literally just going around invalidating people for their phobias like get over urself u don’t need to save the world u helped no one

Author — Grace L


The grey shirt literary gave everyone anxiety than curing them 😐😐😐😑😑😑

Author — ruma mukherjee



Author — Seantir_3 7


Contestant: "Im afraid of death"

Guy in gray shirts: *pulls out gun*

Author — Potato :3


I have fear of spiders and snakes, nothing else then. That guy in grey shirt.. is just disrespectful 🤬

Author — 3


Was the actor actually being sick or was it like porridge or something.

Author — Joselyn and Me


I feel like the guy in the gray shirt is literally FORCING them to "overcome" their fear when they don't want to. Like the spider one, if he's scared then don't put it near him PERIODT. It would make me hella mad if someone did that to me.

Author — Moamina Asghar


Grey shirt guy: "What do you think the vomit's gonna do to you?"
"It-it just makes me feel gross..."
Grey shirt guy: *Laughs*

I didn't like this part at all. All phobias deserve respect and not to be made fun of. I actually have a fear of the dark and it legit terrifies me. If someone made fun of that, it would make me feel stupid and bad about myself.

Author — Bibbidy bop To the TOP


Me: I have a phobia of needles...
Grey shirt guy: *brings needles* it’s not hurting you it’s helping
Me: I AINT GETTING NO NEEDLES IF I DONT NEED IT *stabs grey shirt guy*

Author — Stan mamamoo dreamcatcher And clc pwease!


The guy in the grey shirt seems like he’s just dismissing telling someone with anxiety to calm down. No hate, just think he has to think about how people are probably like really traumatized.

Author — Ilana


The girl who was afraid of vomit.

She hasn't been to my school.

Kids would dip apples 🍎 into ranch dressing and they would vomit.

Author — 《 Ŕ Ø Ş È 》 《 L Ø V È Ĺ Ý 》


Grey shirt dude: telling people their fears are easy
Me: ok then why don’t you do it.

Author — Ramen And Wxrthlessclown


Me: Im scared of dark.
Guy in Grey shirt: *Turn all the lights off*

Author — Cat Lover