New Last Breath Sans

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Undertale Last Breath Renewed. Merg Gameplay Playthrough with commentary and reactions.

Fangame by craKed_Wolf
Sans Art by void_core / Skelle_Core
Last Breath by ZerJox
Undertale by Toby Fox

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Thanks for reading. :) how often can sans dance

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I didnt expect to see my own art in a thumbnail !
My name is put in wrong too ._.

Author — @void_core


Merg: this is impossible without checkpoints!

Devs: * makes checkpoints *

Merg: well now im not going to do it

Author — @barrolboi5101


Merg being the chads of chads by sticking with the previous version rather than taking the easy way out is why I love him. The true Chad Cherry.

Author — @ducksterc567


I always love when merg just doesn't do the easier version of any fan game he's been playing recently

Author — @kenreisu


You know it's gonna be a banger when he says "But I didn't download the update"

Author — @peace480


I love how Merg will complain about how a fangame is difficult, the devs release an update to make it easier, and then he just fully ignores it 😂

This is why we love you Merg, never change

Author — @exampleexample5055


The idea of incorporating the "checkpoint" into the flee is so perfect, it'd give a chance to stock back up on some items from the box and get a full heal in a realistic way that's not just "checkpoint reached, items restored... Somehow."

Author — @MrAppleSalad


“They made an update to make the game easier…
But I didn’t install it”
Merg never changes

Author — @Silly_Billy1


Merg is such an honest guy XD knoes when he gets mad and still compliments the game when it does something and even apologizes, just such a good guy lol

Author — @bobbymiczobby


Merg:Complain about being hard*
Devs: make a update making it easier
Merg:dont download the update*
Merg is the supreme chad

Author — @epiccharles3304


Alternate title:

"What if Sans did 1 pushup before the fight?"

Author — @I6_Luke


Merg hoping for random gasterblaster spam as the heal attack is not something I expected to ever see, cool video by the way

Author — @justaguy9215


Merg’s reactions always make me smile, especially that part where… especially when… THE ENTIRE VIDEO IS GOOD I CWNR PICK A FAVORITE PART

Author — @TheSenkMan


Last breath renewed is amazing, I remember the intensity of the first version and this one is no different

Author — @securerelicaiden576


Each time Merg refuses the easier mode it's epic

Author — @Caldraquinx


Amazing video as always.
I cant wait for you to finally beat phase 2!
I wont spoil anything but there is still a lot to see ❤

Author — @craked_got_banned5498


Merg is the most determined cherry I’ve ever seen, he continuously makes us great content like this and keeps us entertained :)

Author — @TheEpilougeAsylum


I am in immense period pain rn so this video is very welcome haha! Also Merg you are such a chad, just coming back and retrying after that frustrating start is already impressive in my opinion :)
Edit: There's also no shame in making use of the checkpoint! You don't need to make yourself suffer yk :)

Author — @Mi-be1os


I love the part when merg said: "it's undertailing time". Such a good line.

Author — @AAAAH1234


Merg's making sounds I never thought were possible to make. Great video

Author — @BrightMax