Best Camera for YouTube Q&A with Sean Cannell

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Best Camera for YouTube Q&A with Sean Cannell 5

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📒 Show Notes and Camera Recommendations 📒

1. Best Camera for Vlogging: Canon G7X Mark II

2. Best Budget Camera for YouTube: Canon M50

3. Best PRO YouTube Camera: Sony a6400

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My Live Streaming Setup (How the training was recorded)

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What Camera Should I Buy? Learn How to Choose the Best Camera for YouTube in the free training video with Sean Cannell from Think Media.

💬 Comments on the video

You really are so exceptional. I just set up my channel as what feels like an old timer at 41 :D your content is so helpful and feel so authentic. I still have no clue what I'm doing and this sounds like another language but it's slowly coming together.

Author — Ali Beale


Hello from the UK!
Awesome video thanks -- On the section at 40:00 I use a stereo splitter to put 2 boya lav mics into my camera, on left and right, ... and I use a free online audio processor called Auphonic - which is absolutely awesome.
I use it to mono the mix down, but it cleans up the background noise on left and right before mono-ing.
Hope this helps! (It's phenomenal for podcasts too)
I"m not linked to them at all, just a user!
Still wondering... should I get the blurry expensive object of desire G7X Mark iii?
Looking forward to more g7x mkiii videos - subscribed!

Author — Neil Mossey


I missed the stream but I watching. Thank you for this useful information.

Author — Ama blakrose


How are you?
I was wondering which one of these cameras is that best for YouTube beginners:
Canon sx10is
Nikon D3300
Because I stubbed across those two at a pawn shop.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance.

Author — Tasha H


This video was very helpful ! Always tuning in to thinkmedia to improve my channel !

Author — J Vlogs Hawaii


Thanks Sean for answering my question about the t7i, 77D, 80D. I upgraded from a Nikon D3300 to Canon 77D.

Author — Ken Lang


haha i finally watched this in full! thanks man!

Author — maharlika mirasol


Awesome content man! I was wondering if you can make a video explaining how you have your mv51 mic setup with your camera, and what cameras I could get to use with that mic.

Author — Think Money


I have been using my Ipad and phone but going to try the Obsbot Tail, got it and it was great up until it failed sent back waiting for a new one, anyway that's what I am doing. Great Channel buy the way, keep up the good work!

Author — Channel Ron


Shout out to my fellow youtubers trying to find some new channels

Author — Lightsaber Samurai


I like camera Cannon ..
When i can have a camera Cannon 🤔

I am from Indonesian

Author — sartono Tv


OMG were at 89 subscribers!! thank you for the tips!!! good luck everyone

Author — Ben & Jess


I missed the live stream, i just got canon m50 yesterday 💃💃💃

Author — Nene Blessing


I've been watching your vids all day today trying to find a budget friendly camera but I like recording on phones so much easier with phone apps. I'm from South carolina

Author — Matt's Finds


Do you have a video on your setup, great sound, video, lighting, and image quality.



Hello from the Philippines!
Very useful...we love it. Lookig forward to the 2020 Camera Q&A. ;)

Author — Adventures of Gerald and Rhia


what's the Canon EOS1100D LIKE FOR MAKING VIDIO'S

Author — Terry Russell


I just got a new gopro hero 8! I like it! Wish I would have waited now. lol

Author — EZKeto


My friend just built his own ring lens!! So proud of him! I recommended your channel to him as a way to encourage him to JUST START!?

Author — Lil Crafty Nook


Great live stream! FYI the pop filter worked well.

Author — Dylan Kline Music