Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Territory

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Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Territory 3.5

Days after Ukraine’s president was toppled from power during the Euromaidan revolution, Russian soldiers and local proxies took control of the strategically important Crimean peninsula and surrounded Ukrainian troops in their bases. Unhappy with the change in government in Kiev and using the unfounded fear of the Russian language being restricted, Russia made a bid for control in the region.

Following an illegal and fraudulent referendum on whether Crimea would become a part of Russia or not, Russia then formally annexed the peninsula — a move which was widely condemned by the international community. Russia had, in one quick and mostly bloodless takeover, reminded the world of its power, and made the West in its poor handling of the situation appear weak.

VICE News headed to Crimea to see how the change in rulers has gone down with the local population. Some residents welcomed Russia and the prospect of a greater economic future, while others feared losing their freedom to speak out, and did not like the idea of becoming pawns in Russia's military muscle flexing.

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You know things are bad when McDonald's are closing down.

Author — Big Ray


“The Majority Ethnic Russians” - says enough, now go home vice.

Author — SCUD B


This looks more like the work of Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty etc.

Author — Howard Selby


Famous dish in Crimea is the passport soup.
You can cook your passport, yes, because anyway is USELESS !!!!

Author — busy boy


I want to help that old lady, that breaks my heart to see that

Author — Jim Drezon


Illegal referendum? How the west has conveniently forgotten Kosovo lol

Author — N D


People dreaming after soviet times must be shot on spot!

Author — zombicreature


"I didn't vote, I slept in then had other things to do". Pathetic.

Author — ApriliaRSV4F


what a BS How long did it take you to find all those people ? Crimea is Russia I am from Crimea The roads are rapaired The bridge is being constructed Crimea does not depend on Ukrainian electricity

Author — Ирина Лукьяненко


2:57 haha that psychologist is soooo done with that dude who just barges in the interview lol

Author — Anthony D’Amico


"New russian territory" The first lie is on the title mates.

Author — Vital Mendoza


Why don't these western war mongers leave the world alone!

Author — Jimmy Pellas


Funny you must have really gone out of your way to find people to say negative things about Russia.. The fact is that most of the ukrainians in Crimea at the annexation were not from Crimea. And their beaches are empty now??? You're kidding right - it's all Russians who go there on holiday! lol... It was never full of western tourists... Crimea is for Russians like Nice is to the French. Even when it was part of Ukraine it was mostly Russian tourists. Like the old fulla said - 90% approval of becoming Russian.

Author — Dust Scatter


Bridge connecting Crimea and Russia will be completed by end of 2018.

Author — Belarus-chan


"I overslept and had some things to do" hahaha don't try and hide it, you had somebody to do

Author — Schmuel Goldstein


Ahhhh nostalgia for the good ol’ Soviet Union. It just warms my apple pie heart.

Author — Chuck W


I wonder when is Puerto Rico will be part of the U.S.

Author — Jorge Hernandez


"The golden age will come because I have a prettier Russian passport." Brilliant.

Author — GGCM39


3:23 thats my username and my name in real life 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — RandomAndrei 101


That guy was so funny 😂 “you need to be killed “

Author — Alana Garisson