'If Korea can have a military parade, why can't we?' - BBC News

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'If Korea can have a military parade, why can't we?' - BBC News 3.5
The annual Fourth of July celebrations will be a bit different this year. There will be a speech by President Donald Trump, military flyovers and tanks. What do Americans make of it?

Video by Chloe Kim and Tristan Cimini

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The British criticizing how Americans celebrate Independence from the British...hahaha.

Author — Sebastian Saldivar


Although typically, when saying simply "Korea", people are referring to South Korea - this individual appears to be referring to North Korea.

Author — JJames Burke


BBC LIES!!! And I challenge them to prove me wrong. 12am EST today BBC America's anchor and reporters repeatedly said that "Trump had tanks rolling through the streets of DC". They never "rolled through the streets of DC" If anything they were trucked through the streets to a destination. Like the military does with equipment 1000's a time a day in the US.
All this is over 2 Bradley's and 2 M1's sitting on the Mall. They send more hardware (by 10 times) to the DC convention center every time the defense contractors get together there. This whole thing is a f_in joke and just proves how bias a lot of these so called news originations are.

Author — fin screenname


We have had many military parades throughout our country both in the past and present. It’s no biggie. Personally, I’m ok with the US having a Military Parade at our nation capital. The Blue Angels are the Navy’s flight demonstration team. Perform for the public is what they do year round.

Author — American Paisa


FDR, Kennedy, Reagan etc. all had military parades.

Author — EscaExcel


I'm Irish...we have a tiny military..we have our armed forces parade during Easter rising and St Patrick's day parades...so what's issue with this

Author — Roger Ward


People line up for classic car shows some people like tanks.

Author — Anna Vajda


"If North Korea can have a parade why can't Trump?" Because Kim needs a show of force to scare his people into submission, and to bolster his ego. And because North Korea is a weak and small nation that feels the need to brow beat it's neighbors. The reason America shouldn't need a parade is because we are a free and strong democracy and dont need to rattle swords at the world.. And, our leaders don't usually need to hide behind tanks and fighter jets to cover up that they are weak.

Author — Rosemary Gaskell


Meanwhile veterans continue to get inadequate healthcare and struggle to get by. And last I checked, the main invitees were all his big donors, not vets.


Author — HistoryBuff97


There is absolutely nothing wrong with military parades. Nationhood is the main thing we need to protect now, because the idea of it is under attack by the corporate sponsored globalists. Be proud of your national identity, whatever it is.

Author — Jason Devon


1957 Chevy's.. It's a 4th of July parade, not your personal preference of what the parade should be.

Author — Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy



Author — mike rolton


Extremely expensive to roll out tanks?

What are you a pauper of money and mind?

Author — MEanME


Journalists on Rossiya 1′s popular “60 Minutes” TV show mocked the military equipment that will appear at the “Salute for America” on Thursday, claiming that the tanks and other armored vehicles being towed into Washington had “paint peeling off” and required “adhesive tape.”
Footage of American tanks in Washington rolled across the studio’s screens as co-host Yevgeny Popov declared sarcastically, “The greatest parade of all times is going to be held today in Washington, that is what our Donald Trump has said. The American president announced he would show us the newest tanks."

Popov then claimed that, “these are Abrams and Sherman tanks, used during World War II and withdrawn from service in 1957.”

Trump had previously asserted that both those models of tanks would be used, but in reality, the event is expected to feature two M1A2 Abrams tanks, a pair of Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and an M88A2 support vehicle. The Sherman will not make an appearance.

Adding to her colleague’s commentary, “60 Minutes” co-host Olga Skabeyeva, claimed that “the paint on these vehicles is peeling off. There are no cannons, and their optics have been glued on with adhesive tape.”

Author — Jesse Baker


Because we aren’t a god damn dictatorship or a militaristic government!

Author — Alphawolf 655



Author — Gina Kay


Oh man
You can see the most of these people are stupid from their way of talking....

Author — Mustafa Khazaali


Ironically the Left get triggered by the very military they would use against their own people if they had the power to do so.

Author — David Bryner


It's not why can't we, it's why should we. And there were a lot of reasons, none of which mattered to Trump.

Author — Bob Mudge


0:35 "Why don't we just have 1957 Chevy's"

If they can fire tank rounds, sweet!

Author — Sky79