How South Africa Could Prepare the U.S. for President Trump: The Daily Show

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How South Africa Could Prepare the U.S. for President Trump: The Daily Show 5
Trevor compares Donald Trump to South African President Jacob Zuma, who also faces financial conflicts of interest, threatens to jail rivals and lashes out at the media.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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TRUMP 2016: the joke that went too far.

Author — Imran Habib


Trevor predicted Trump's improvised

Author — nii_amart


Who is here from South Africa.... I know i am,

Author — Talha Sayed


The Daily Show is the only way I can listen to Trump and his cronies without projectile vomiting.

Author — Falulu Bokerdole


“When you're born into this world, you're given a ticket to the freak show. If you're born in America you get a front row seat.”

― George Carlin

Author — Coconut ScienceGirl92


lmao.... hows that Hillary in jail thing working out for ya? 2 years into his presidency, we still have a free Hillary, and half the people working on his campaign are in jail

Author — Tracy Hughes


Watching this in May 2017. I owe Trevor $20. Especially for the bit about the Hawks/FBI.

Holy feck.

Author — Citizen Wolf


Loving the revealed similarities, well done Trevor.

Author — Klinton August


I really like this guy. He can clearly sum up what's going on in America, humorously and intelligently and I get to learn how the system works in South Africa and it's interesting. Keep up the good work Trev! 👍

Author — Spectra Light


That moment when you realize Obama wasn't such a bad president after

Author — Larry Wesley


The point about he "Blind Trust" and Donald Trump not understanding what one is, is moot. He knows what a blind trust is, he knows that having his children run his company is not a blind trust, but he's going to do it until someone says he can't. It isn't real ignorance, it's feigned ignorance to benefit himself. He is testing the bounds of his authority against the trust of the American people and no one is telling him no. I feel like no matter what he does, at this point, no one will stop him or tell him no. It's like a person slowly stabbing another person, smiling while they do it, telling them they're not doing it, and just pushing the blade in deeper and deeper because no one has the courage or the sense to face what's actually going on. He's choosing alt-right, racist, cut-throat psychopaths in the whitehouse with him, and the American public, as well as the government, are not able to stop him.

All of this while there are still a ton of mislead Americans who think he gives even the slightest shit about their wellbeing. I really feel bad for Americans who realize what's happening, but feel powerless to stop it. I feel bad for everyone, as we've somehow come to a point in history where people are so disenfranchised with authority and media that they'd rather trust conspiracy nuts on YouTube, and blindly trust a man who so obviously is a shark. This is the beginning of a dystopia, and we're all along for the ride.

Author — Caid Johnson


Watching in 2019 from India... Something similar closer to home is playing out....



*Trump threatens Ukraine to investigate Biden* in 2019

Trevor you got your $20 lol

Author — Daniel Chin


"delete the entire Internet right here"... mara Trevor is insane

Author — Nosipho Thabede


I love it when he does the thick South African accent, it sounds so cool!

Author — Emily Roberts


trump terms: you will win till you get bored with winning. you will be sued like you had never being sued before😂😂😂

Author — Amadou Cisse


Im watching this in 2019. N i know see the prophecy lol

Author — okay 09


Watching this in 2019 and I'm like, yah. The prophesy came true. hahaha

Author — Dennis thefreethinker


Africa jokes - of all the late night show hosts, only Trevor Noah is allowed to make them.

Author — Empire Stories


I'm from the future and I must say he almost started the WW3 with North Korea and soooo many other things...

Author — laert hoxhaj