Coronavirus Outbreak: U.S. Is Now the Global Virus Epicenter

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Coronavirus Outbreak: U.S. Is Now the Global Virus Epicenter 3.5

Mar.26 -- Global infections from the coronavirus disease are nearing half a million as information from Johns Hopkins University points to the U.S. becoming the next global epicenter of the pandemic. Bloomberg’s Viviana Hurtado reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

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The new slogan for State Farm.
Like a good neighbor stay over there.

Author — john folsom


This is when being A loner pays off. I never leave the house

Author — lysergic hedgehog


Everybody: "doing nothing saves lives"

Me: "I found my destiny"

Author — Billy Boy


At Farmers, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two

Author — Akash R


And people who said its like the flu 👺

Author — black wolf


I'm sure the actual number would be ten times higher if we tested every one in this country.

Author — Cavius


“Jobless claimed surged to a record 3.3 million dollars” oh word?

Author — Charles VIncent


Landlords: Remember rent is due on the 1st
Me: April Fools! 🤣

Author — Devon Wayne


1:46 sorry for writing about it, but she said dollars instead of people 😂

Author — FarruFR


Any child born now will be called quaranteens later

Author — Certified Joke Maker


"If I get corona, I get corona"
People like him are the reason why USA became Epicenter of Virus

Author — Cd 28


Tell the New Yorkers to stay in their own state. Here in Pennsylvania we’re getting piles of them in northeastern Pennsylvania. Stop spreading your virus because you flee your city. Stay home!

Author — Bee Bob


This is what happens when they call half of us working people "essential"

Author — Bobby Fernan


Hope usa recover soon,
Love from india

Author — astroid kick


Where can I go to flee the deadly virus? - Your house.

Author — michaelterry1000


It’s America’s turn. We had a head start when this was in China, Iran, Italy, but time was squandered, information..truthful information was not delivered. “It’s like the flu” they said, “no reason to panic”. No. Not to panic, but to be prepared.
It’s gonna be worse here because some Americans have no clue how to follow rules, have little care for others, and they will loot.
National Guard should shoot looters on the spot just to set an example.

Author — Howzit Cruzin thru life


*funny how no one’s horoscope saw this coming* 🤔

Author — L F


Because mayor of New York even after CDC recommended staying in recommended New Yorkers go out and live life as usual. Talk about that!

Author — soinhu foitu


@1:43 “jobless claims surged to a record $3.5 million DOLLARS” 😂

Author — zeronekke


As usual, something starts anywhere in the world and reaches a level that only in America is raised to a higher imponderable level,
arrogance and asininity is USA `s Hallmark.

Author — J D