Yes, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland

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Yes, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland 3

President Trump told reporters that he would be interested in the United States purchasing Greenland. Here is why he would want to acquire a land that is plentiful in natural resources and also crippled by global warming.

No Joke: Trump Really Does Want To Buy Greenland

Trump inquires about US buying Greenland, but it's not for sale

The Greenland Gold Rush: Promise and Pitfalls of Greenland’s Energy and Mineral Resources

NASA scientists flew over Greenland to track melting ice. They took some sobering photos

President Trump Eyes a New Real-Estate Purchase: Greenland

Greenland’s National Day, the Home Rule Act (1979), and the Act on Self-Government (2009)

Historian Claiming US tried to buy Greenland

1868: US Considers Buying Iceland and Greenland

The World of 1898: The Spanish American War

Virgin Islands History

US Territorial Acquisitions

Is Iceland Really Green and Greenland Really Icy?

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Hey, Chris here -- should the US buy Greenland -- if it's for sale?

Author — CNN


I guess suspicion around the Epstein "suicide" is "old news" now

Author — Nick B


Trump wants to buy Greenland so he can claim he lowered the US average temperature. Defeating global warming.

Author — Reeves


What a great idea. Next time we should try to buy Poland instead of invading it.

Greetings from Germany

Author — Jonas B


He wants to buy Greenland so he can build a wall around it to keep the ice in

Author — UwU the UwU


I guess the Greenland deal will be put on "ice" hahahahaha thank you)

Author — Jevve


Alaska Purchase, The Louisianna Purchase? do we question these things today?

Author — Peter Hoffman


Trump: "Buys Greenland"
Trump 2 days later: *Melts all the glaciers on it because he doesn't believe in global warming and decided to build factories and power plants on the island*

Author — Alex 8816 Animations


I love how CNN has to put in subtitles
"Yes this is real news"

Author — Jediwhoever 1


Still, buying Greenland would be a good defense against global warming.
If the temperature gets too high in Florida, Trump could build a golf club in Greenland!

Author — Daniel Stump


yea lets buy greenland, like we did a lot of the rest of the US.

Author — Drake Valiance


It’s not that crazy, a lot of resources, strategic position to Russia and Europe, arctic sea trade network

Author — BrendanJ Rice


Denmark: so I'll sell you some of my fertile Caribbean islands
Us: o cool what about that chunk of ice?

Author — t 8


2020: US buys Greenland

2040: US military turns Greenland into Area 53

2063: Let's storm Area 53. They can't stop us Let's see them aliens

Author — Kwadwo Donyina


It's not "currently owned" - it's been part of the kingdom of Denmark since we discovered it a thousand years ago. And they own themselves.

Author — GeminaLuna


When the US bought the Danish Virgin Islands, part of the price were to support Denmark’s claim to the whole island of Greenland, and help keeping it that way.

That just makes it a bit more absurd.

Author — mwtrolle


Exchange Greenland with AREA 51.. DEAL??

Author — California Union


who cares what its covered in, the mineral recources are WELL WORTH IT.

Author — Drake Valiance


Donald Trump: *Talking about Denmark* We're very good allys.
Me: Too bad you called us nasty, just because we told you no. We hate you.

Author — emilie kisling


At one point in time Greenland was not covered in ice. Maybe a good thought but unfortunately not for sale.

Author — manaohar samtani