Maceo Plex - Deez Nutz (Original Mix)

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Maceo Plex - Deez Nutz (Original Mix) 5

Label: Ellum Audio

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good track but I could do without all the random sex noises my mom already thinks im weird enough

Author — Dmetal23


1.get the plate
2. mix couple of diffetent drugs
3. eat with spoon

Author — Uros Andjelkovic


Ectasy produces in my body naturally under such noise.

Author — Andris Lauva


I hear this track for the first time in maceo plex resident advisor podcast, more than two years ago, after hearing this hundreds of times, or maybe a thousand  I still thinking this sounds pretty much badass!

Author — gfreak beats


This is why Maceo Plex is the god of dance

Author — Nicolas De Raedt


my god the snare just wants to be mean

Author — Sebastien GT


August, 3, 2016 and I just found this too hahahahaha life is good people. Be grateful

Author — Dani Siem


Personal favourite Maceo track. After hearing on fabric's sound system.

Author — J T


εεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε... οοοοοοοοοοοοοοο.. dopeee!

Author — MvRcgr


I am embarrassed, showing a commercial off Mr.Probz-Waves before a song of Maceo Plex!!
FY Youtube!!! :)

Author — Chillis


Maceo Plex.

Complex Beats.

His beats are complex beasts.

Author — S D H


que chingon tema escucharlo en un equipo y unas pastas y unas nenas sería lo mejor delavida

Author — Fidel Ramirez


quiet normal, as much as girlz are juicy, they r still limited..
This type of track brings your entire psyche above our milkyway..

Author — AngelkissDj


deeper than black hole, gives more orgasm than any girl

Author — Dovydas Chvatovas


Explicit song title but who cares when the song is this amazing.

Author — Jesolo5608


hah! so after all it was worth it to click on this one! :D nice tune bro!

Author — ccccrc


Would have been awesome as the soundtrack to the original Terminator film, its got that kinda vibe to it

Author — Matt Renton