FLYING EUROPE'S WORST AIRLINE - Ukraine International (2-Star Airline)

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FLYING EUROPE'S WORST AIRLINE - Ukraine International (2-Star Airline) 4.5

Flying Europe's Worst Airline but only saying positive things.

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Airline: Ukraine International, PS
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Aircraft registration: UR-PSC
Flight date: June 29, 2019
Route: Kiev - Ankara
Flight numbers: PS721
Seat: 20F
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:


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💬 Comments on the video

The amount of sarcasm in this video was overwhelming lmao.

Author — Erick Delko


Ukraine international = flying chat room
Ryan Air = flying zoo

Author — Alpha


I would absolutely hate to be flying next to someone talking loudly into a camera all flight.

Author — TM Huang


Surprised you didn't say anything positive about the passenger noise. They were helping you learn a new language!

Author — Aston100


I loved how you ”loved” everything, even the water 😂

Author — Jonathan Karlsson


The window isn't the cleanest so it gives a special effect. Only saying nice things is killing me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Jane Holgate



- o look 👀 you have a lovely view of the fish!!!

Author — Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports


I flew UIA Kharkov - Tel Aviv, 737-800 and this plane have been more comfortable and cleaner than Delta Miami - New York

Author — Алексадр З.


I flew Ukraine International last year from London to Kiev and then on to Kharkiv. I thought it was one of the better flights I've been on. I was very impressed.

Author — Mary Hall-Campbell


I thought the cheering and clapping was a fake! Haha until you said it was horribly loud in the cabin.

Author — Tim Vliegt


You should take anything SkyTrax rates with a grain of salt. They give Lufthansa 5 stars yet speaking with any frequent traveller they would tell you that Lufthansa and Singapore aren't in the same league. Meanwhile Air Canada is given 4 stars allowing them to boast they are the only 4 star airline in North America in spite of them having one of the worst on time performance records in the industry. Bottom line : how good an airline is depends precisely on where you travel to and how they treat you. Those stars are earned - I've seen some airlines provide 0 effort for service recovery whilst others have bent over backwards for me.

Author — j2simpso


I flew in UIA two weeks ago and in my opinion they are great! They got new planes, are clean and got friendly stuff. You get more service on board as well like on BA etc...

Author — Simon S


Had a great laugh watching this review. Your face told a picture there, unfortunately your words couldn’t hide all of that. 😂😂👍🏻

Author — Craig Simpson


I fly Bangkok-Kiev quite regularly on their 767s and now 777s, on premium economy, and sometimes Business class. I have learnt my lesson not to trust Skytrax. Their soft product is decent, no so much on the hard! - good review nevertheless Dan, . Cheers from Thailand.

Author — TheFS10show


I believe I didn't get it. UIA is not the best airline, but definitely not the worst one. Regarding clapping at the end of the flight - this is soviet heritage.
Try to fly at something like TU-134 and you will be clapping too.

Author — VWhiteTiger


That music in the background is completely Russian, not Ukrainian.

Author — impressionQ


You should fly their 777s to jfk it’s actually different in a good way compared to the 737s

Author — Russel Rakhim


I don't know about this one. UIA went great for me, I was on more than 10 flights, never had a single problem. More praised airlines like Wizzair ended up being way worse than UIA.

Author — Bron Silverstring


“Here’s some celery, which i really love digesting!”
“This plastic fork just gives me LIFE”
😂😂oh boy what an awesome video, i really love your enthusiasm! (also, classic ukrainian to stand up and start talking to people on a plane)

Author — Vasiliy Duplyakin


Who’s here after the crash? RIP to all onboard

Author — Zhenhong Huang