Best Things to do in the Faroe Islands | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

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Best Things to do in the Faroe Islands | Faroe Islands Travel Guide 5

This travel guide is not meant to be the "be-all and end-all" of everything there is to do in the Faroes, but merely a crash course guide to this amazing destination.
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4:24 - Gasadalur
4:55 - Drangarnir
5:25 - Sørvágsvatn
5:55 - Mykines
6:38 - Torshavn
7:14 - Fútastova, Ræst, Babara Fish House, Áarstova
7:34 - Fossá (Fossurin í Fossá)
7:53 - Saksun
8:19 - Tjørnuvík
8:41 - Gjogv
9:04 - Hvithamar ( Near Funningur)
9:48 - Kópakonan (The Seal Woman)
10:05 - Kallur Lighthouse
10:43 - Kunoy Park

:::: Frequently Asked Questions ::::

Q: How long was your trip?
A: Around 4 days. But I recommend spending at least 5-7 days in the Faroes

Q: What was your travel budget?
A: Around 600 USD - excluding plane tickets and accommodations

Q: What time of the year did you visit?
A: April - Less crowded. But I believe the summer months are better.

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💬 Comments on the video

Here are some tips you NEED to Know about, Please be Carefull when you hike inn the mountains

1, if its foggy upp in the Mountain and you can't see where you Are, STOP sit down and Wait til the fog is gone, it is very dangerous to just keep walking when theres fog everywhere because you dont know where you are and theres a chance that you'll fall of a mountain and die, many people have died because of that

2. DON'T STAND TO CLOSE TO THE EDGE of a mountain, sometimes when you look down you will weirdly feel like you want to jump off, and its not worth it losing your life just to get a good picture or a good view. and yes many people have also lost their life because of that

3. DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF THE INSIDE LOCALS HOUSES or even look true the windows, without permission. Don't ever do this because it is uncomfortable and you will make the local Faroese people dislike you and its disrespectful to do so,

4. DON'T RUN AFTER THE SHEEP, just because you saw some Faroese people do it, because Someone owns the sheep and you will really make them angry

5. DONT think that you can walk everywhere because its owned land that some people have bought

6. if theres a sign and it says don't walk here or under construction DON'T walk there

7. KEEP YOUR HANDS FREE, if you go on a hike dont hold on to stuff with your hands, if you have a backpack put it on, don't keep your hands in your pockets. because if you fall you want to hold on to something and No its not that easy to just trow away your stuff and then hold on to something

I am Faroese and I just really want you to know these things because I have heard about so many people who have died or gotten them selves hurt 😞or have pissed off the faroese people and I don't want more people to lose loved ones when the go on a trip here, 😔 so its important to know how to act in nature and with people

but that doesn't mean that you can't come here for a trip, you are more than welcome to come and see the beautiful things here 😊😊 And btw Fantastic video !!❤️❤️

Author — Dina Fríða Poulsen


people have been getting lost all the time. Faroese people dont go hiking unless they know the area, so tourists should always have a guide. It can easily go wrong.

Author — Andras Petersen


Woop woop that's my parents cottage in the end... Hope you had good stay there 😊

Author — Hans Jákup Danielsen


Here's a tip from a faroese person. Always ask for permission to film or photograph people's homes. We get very uncomfortable and unhappy when we are eating dinner or breakfast, and there's a person with a camera taking a picture of you house right in front of you. If you, yourself would find that a bit creepy and uncomfortable, i would suggest you think about how the locals feel. But overall a great video :)

Author — mamma tín


there are about twice as many sheep as people.

Author — Andras Petersen


I first found out about the Faroe Islands a little over two years ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to visit there so badly. Hopefully one day I can go.

Author — Halle Snopek


Thanks for being actually informative as opposed to a lot of narcissistic travel vlogs

Author — Kendal Husband


Around 7 or 8 years ago I was drinking late at night by myself & was exploring the corners of Google Earth when I ran into this island. I was fascinated by the images I found back then & knew that unless I was very wealthy I would never get a chance to go there. What are the odds that my girl asked me today where is the one place I would like to live in this world & I happen to run into a video that you posted this month showing everything it has to offer. Thanks dude, you gave me a huge peace of mind by seeing this.

I’m amazed at how YouTube has allowed people to connect and see things like this

*(Coming from a man who lives in a small town in south Texas)*
👌🧐 great video

Author — Omar G.


My dad is Faroese & for as long as I can remember he’s gone back every summer to visit his parents but I never wanted to go with him. My mom had no interest in going either which made it easier for me to stay home.. this will be the first year I visit and I can’t wait to meet my grandparents and cousins for the first time in person. I should’ve went a long time ago.

Author — Jai


Skål færøyske brødre og søstre. ❤️❤️❤️ fra Norge

Author — Skelld


you really have done your research. Even though i'm a local, you seem to know more than me, haha. Very well made video in general. pleasant shots and voice.

Author — Petur Jacob Heinesen


This was incredibly helpful! My boyfriend and I are going to the Faroe Islands later this month, we will be sure to use some of your tips!

Author — Theodora van Duin


wait until Wes Anderson hears about this place

Author — fargoflagrant


Im from norway and i have a half brother born and living in the faroe islands. i really want to meet him. Found out he lives in klaksvik :D

Author — Markus Pettersen


Man, what an absolutely brilliant video! Real professional quality stuff. It's an excellent primer for someone like me. This place has been on my ideas list for a couple of years now. I have tentative plans to get there next year, but we'll see what happens. This video has given me so much to work with to start making plans. So thank you very much.

Author — Omega Soypreme


The Faroe Islands are stunningly and breathtakingly beautiful! The land masses are so sculptural and the villages are picturesque as well. I enjoyed your travel guide. Thanks! Jenny :o)

Author — Jenny Fulcher


Very nicely put together with clear information.
Sure, some of those names were butchered but you even showed it on a map with the names so it was always clear what places you were referring to.
Great to hear you advise people to have good hiking gear (if they wanna go hiking). Sadly, we've had quite a few people going out hiking without really checking the weather forecast or maybe asking locals for advise and they've gotten lost in the mountains because of fog. This has led to numerous rescue missions, even using a chopper. Some tourists have even died from slipping and going off the edge. Most of whom were experienced hikers from other countries.
So to anyone reading this. Please be careful and if you've talked to a local and said you'll be back then please get/give a phone number so you can update that person if anything changes.
Just to name an example... Recently there was a tourist that took the bus and told the bus driver that he was going hiking and asked the bus driver to wait for him when he'd be back. When the bus driver came back for him there was no tourist to be seen. The bus driver then called the authorities because he feared the worst. They searched the mountains for this tourist only to find out that he had left with a couple in a car earlier without ever telling the bus driver. So a lot of resources, time and money was used just because that person asked for help but left without letting anyone know that he left with someone else.

Author — Kaj Olsen


Allan! You did such a great job with this video! I come from the Faroe Islands but live in the United States. Always lovely to see such a beautiful representation of my home country.

Author — MonaSolo


Faroe island is the Shire of our world. (From th Lord of the rings)

Author — Levente Borbély


Three to four hiking trips with food and local town bar hopping is all that’s needed🙌🏾. Pricing but priceless experience

Author — William Kuria