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How to find accommodation in Canada 4.5

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In this video, we are sharing important information on how to find accommodation in Canada. This is all about searching the rental basement, condo, apartment or house. We would be sharing cost for different types of accommodation as well. This information would be very helpful for international students and immigrants coming on PR. Also, join our Facebook group to post any queries related to accommodation.

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We created this channel to help people who are planning for Canada PR or are already in Canada. We moved to Canada in April 2018 after getting Canada PR. In the process of getting the PR, we had so many learnings by doing lots of mistakes. We would like to share those best practices with everyone so that you can save time and efforts while acquiring Canada PR. We upload engaging videos for the relevant audience on how life is in Canada, how to get a job in Canada and how anyone can settle down quickly. So, subscribe to the channel and be part of our family. Cheers!

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Good detailed info but the voice quality was too low. I suggest use a wireless microphone if possible to get good quality voice recording with your latest gadget !

Author — Shirissh Rao


You two r saying one by one, , , effective way of communicate

Author — Geeta's Art


Sir, g. U. Have. Omg great best flow. .in.. English
Attractive ..🤗🤗🤗

Author — Muskan Nagpal


thanks for the reply i have to many vloggers this question but no one have given the answer but u guys r very helpful thank you so much

Author — guls naseem


Before watching entire video im commenting that you both couples always provide such a worthwhile information. In addition, background music is extremely enjoyable.

Author — Mohammed Hameed Uddin


Thank you for returning🎊🎉 we enjoy seeing around places thru ur videos. You didn’t say where you’ll moved or what u’ll went with.. please do a home tour 👍🏻

Author — marsha bijoy


Hi...i have been watching your videos and i find it so helpful. My baby, husband and I are planning to land in March!
My baby will be 1 yr old by then! So i want you to make a video on some Work from home jobs if possible. It will be very helpful for stay at home mums like me!

Author — Vani Barot


very well done guys! you explained everything really well! I can see you put in alot of effort

Author — Samar Niaz


Hi both, your videos are the niche no one had tapped into :) great work! Kindly make videos on British Columbia, Alberta etc so people can get info on these places as well specially if they wish to apply under the new program. Thanks

Author — Ayesha Jamal


Thank you both for the detailed information. Right now we are in search of accomodations in Mississauga. It was quite confusing. After watching your video about the categories it is really helpful. Thank you.

Author — Constance Aruna


Welcome back....Thanks for making new video and Giving us information ....
Thanks guys our love and support is always with you

Author — hamed rizwan


Hi, thank you for sharing all the knowledge through your videos. Me and my husband are in the process of immigrating to Canada and have just submitted our ITA.
What is the timeframe to expect COPR and when should we start hunting jobs. We are looking to move to Toronto.

Author — Disha Sharma


I adore your blog. Your videos are for everyone. I love all. Thank u.

Author — Gina Chu Cheong


Thank you for sharing these videos. Those are really helpful. it means lot

Author — Isuru Lanka


Apologies for posting the video after so long. I was not keeping well. Thanks to everyone who checked on us via Instagram DMs. Make sure you spread this video to help others. There are some useful videos lined up for you guys. Like, share and subscribe. Keep supporting!

Author — Canada Couple


Thank you guys for such detailed and on point info. Keep up the good work, I hope to get to to Canada with my family and meet you guys. God bless. 🙏🏽

Author — Antoine Tinker


U guys are amazing.. missed you ppl.. keep rocking.. god bless you 😊

Author — Dr. Sim Choudhary


She doesn't have steady hands😂😂😂 I can relate☺️

Author — sana khan


Hi sir, I need some help from you I'm trying to get visa and work permit, now a days all are asking more money
Please help me to get work permit

Author — anil kuppam


Ur videos r really good n inspiring for me.i just want to know hw u crack ielts exam .frm when u take the training n hw many trials u take to clear dis.u can reply pesonally also but pls reply it's really very important to know for me...

Author — Deeksha Arora