Crime Beat: Meika Jordan, the Broken Princess | Ep 1

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Crime Beat: Meika Jordan, the Broken Princess | Ep 1 4.5

Crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes you through the case of Meika Jordan, a six year old girl whose life was tragically cut short. Follow along as she reveals the shocking behind the scenes details of this case and the evidence as it was uncovered by investigators in their quest for justice for Meika.

Crime Beat is a true crime series that takes viewers deep into some of Canada’s most infamous criminal cases. Based on the highly successful podcast hosted by Nancy Hixt, Crime Beat showcases the best investigative crime reporting from the Global News reporters who covered the stories in real time. Using extensive archives and intimate family interviews, each week Crime Beat reveals new details that go beyond the news headlines: giving a voice to victims and their families, unraveling how each case was solved, and exploring lasting impacts on the community and justice system.


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