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Coronavirus Positive Kanika Kapoor LIVE On ABP News | ABP News 4.5
Singer Kanika Kapoor was talking to ABP News LIVE and she revealed the truth about her attending parties while being sick. She said that she landed in India on March 9 when no major announcements were made. She attended a few parties after that and one on March 13. "I have not left my room since Monday," she addedOn question of not isolating herself soon after returning from London, Kanika evaded from it and disconnected the call.
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This lady is not serious about this virus 😡

Author — All Types of Songs


She can tell to protect other people where gone around

Author — vijay k


Fake interview, either it is planned Or she is lying

Author — Anjali Chaturvedi


All of India will be infected even the news anchor Lady that thinks she’s is pretty not so popular

Author — Optimus_Josh


Isske aawaj se hi pata lagta he ki isne galti ki h

Author — nitin 1234


*जिस जिस ने पार्टी में कनिका को "हग" किया होगा*
*उन सब ने आज टीवी में न्यूज़ देख कर अपनी पेंट में "हग" दिया होगा*

Author — Ms Rathore


अमीरों की बीमारी है गरीबों में फैलने की तयारी है 😥😥

Author — Vinita Bhatt


What a shame we all know it was a big party and she is saying a small family gathering? Wtf? She is lying straight to our faces... She is cancelled!

Author — Arangba Tzudir


Muh dikhane gyi thi virus failane...idiot

Author — Shreya Raaj


Maderchod aise logo ko hi goli marni chahiye bechare inki vajah se garib log bhukhe mar rahe hai stupid😠😡

Author — Etawah Ka Gaurav


Careless lady with too much of attitude, people shud just stop spending time and money on such selfish people.

Author — Dolly Pereira


I request police or whoever to search her n either admit in hospital or encounter her on da spot.

Author — Lily sara


I would have slapped this anchor...have some shame when you know you are talking to a women itself..second is to be a good listener...have interest in listening answers when you are questioning...thirdly if you have decided to blame anyone then don't listen or ask for explanation... i also hate this fact about Kanika the way she behaved irresponsible and carelessly..

Author — Kajal Tajane


न्यूज च्यानल वालो को पैसा दो न्यूज लगाते हि नही क़्युकि जहा पैसा है ???



ये हरामी, पैसे के लिये कुछ भी कर सकते है, इन्हें किसी की जान की कोई परवाह नहीं... इसपर कठोर कार्यवाही हो ।



पता नहीं

कोरोना के बाद हम रहे या नहीं

पर अपने आने वाले पीढ़ियों से कहना्््

अगर दान देना या लरना हो तो अस्पताल बनवाने के लिए करना😥😥😥😥

धर्म स्थल के दरवाजे संकट में बंद ही रहेंगे

Author — study adda


तुम साले अमीर लोग तुम लोगो से अच्छा हमारे गाँव के कुत्ते समझदार है जो अजनबी को देखकर सबको सावधान कर देते है

Author — Govind Kumar


बड़ी माडरचोद हैं... साली जब news Anchor के सवालों में फसने लगी तो call disconnect कर दी.

Author — arvind kumar


Fine her in crores. She has a lot of money. Due to people like her everything is in a state of lockdown. Poor people are suffering due to the lock down.

Author — Satyanath Bhosale


Hopefully she dro ps de ad from the vi rus...That would be a good lesson for her

Author — Neha Kulkarni