What will the future of 5G bring? - BBC Click

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What will the future of 5G bring? - BBC Click 4

5G is coming. The next generation of wireless technology will give us self-driving cars, smart cities and could even teach you to score a goal like Messi.

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Can you imagine the catastrophic impact on insect and bird life etc besides human health. These people are despotic.

Author — L KS


I'm looking forward to 6G, when we stick our heads in our microvave ovens.

Author — James Burton


We need to start dismantling these towers ourselves...

Author — Nick


It seems like another pretext for controlling the masses.

Author — Dante 888


Notice how its the mainstream media outlets that are pushing the positive spin on 5G, pretty much all of the video's exposing 5G's negative effects are from independent media outlets, the people that are less likely to be paid off by telecoms companies.

Author — Stereovox Digital


"What will 5G Bring?" - the enslavement of mankind by a Technocratic elite who believe themselves to be just a few rungs short of a god.
They intend to wipe out around 7 billion people so that their master plan laid out in the UN Agenda 21/30 document can be fulfilled.
Label this a conspiracy theory if you want and yet everything I have written is available for all to read, see and confirm in the main stream.
Do your own research and resist this technological nightmare with every fibre of your being!

Author — Gregory Van Dugteren


I found everything about this episode so creepy.

Author — V v


Lets not forget the mass DNA damage!!! Because of the frequencies used in 5G you need antenna close to your house in every street, very dangerous, all homes will be swimming in 5G radiation. Beaming 5G into your home at very high frequencies, very dangerous.

Author — Genesis gmail


This thing would give you mega cancer wtf

Author — Kamen Devil


What will the future of 5G bring?? Medical complications and birth defects. As least we'll be able to watch 3D VR Facebook videos in real-time...

Author — djlobb


absorbed by rain yeah no thanks. im mostly water so nah.

Author — KillaG FPV


5 G...smart phones...smart houses..autonomus driving...and many many stupid people.machine to machine communication, robot world....thats the bright future..no, thank you

Author — 23bogarka


I love how negative people are about 5G, seriously i'm glad people are waking up to the real dangers of this technology and its hidden agendas. My faith for humanity is restored! :D

Author — Eternal Nova


It's just a way for governments to spy on you and track you more effectively

Author — mc ifty


When they start putting up towers, we start bringing them down RIGHT away!

Author — Morten Hansen


"the world's first public 5G working test bed" it was already out in South Korea..

Author — Tomás Buenaventura


death and despair. dont forget that israel invented that technology and its forbidden only there. talks a lot.

Author — C X


Time to build a Faraday safe room. Maybe patent a copper stitched faraday suit

Author — DjHatZnBfan


The next 50 years are going to be interesting, i just hope we can handle the speed of change

Author — crappymeal


Life existed before wifi and self-driving cars and microwave ovens, etc

Author — Carol Hartwell