BWIPO coaches GOLD player how to get UNSTUCK | BMW Fnatic Teaches Noob 2021 Ep1

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Fnatic's jungler Bwipo teaches noob Pete his "La Cucaracha" Xin Zhao to try to get him unstuck from Gold.

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💬 Comments

Bwipo has to roleswap every split until he coached Pete on every role once

Author — babbletags


Bwipo is so freakin good at EXPLAINING. I am so happy to see him translate his humongous IQ in jungle where he can quite literally dictate the pace of the game.
Stay wide, bwipo

Author — Miguel Pino


“Ping it more, maybe now they’ll understand” Brilliant..

Author — GibbsEU


"bro, I'm stuck"
I feel that

Author — Luck Down


Pete was silver before, so he really made progress 😎

Author — Vacool


I still thought this is going to be a Toplane coaching, because my brain didn’t realise that Bwipo is Jungle.

Author — Nils Sondermann


The best Fnatic series is back again! Let's go!

Author — Fabio Pinotti


"If your noobs ping dragon just do dragon" I felt that.

Author — Alexandru Ilinca


This was actually such a great video. These videos with Bwipo are so entertaining.

Author — Ac D. C sama


I love this, Bwipo is amazing at teaching and explaining. Please more of this :D

Author — Oscar Rosdahl


15:28 that face from Bwipo is GOLD! <3

Author — Makarone Sendwicis


Bwipo is such a nice guy, one of my role models i would say, the positivity and commitment is huge in this wideboy.

Author — Kamil Krzysztof


I didn't know a video could be able to both make you laugh so much and be so educative at the same time. You need to make these Fnatic teaches n00b videos more often!

Author — Hanyuu


We’re back with FNATIC teaches noobs!! I love it

Author — Aditya Murugan


Oh no... "pete, whats wrong?"
"Im stuck step bwipo!"

Author — Steven McCreery


4:55 "You can if you want to tilt your mid laner who has the name zed in it"🤣

Author — Yu Ryan


15:22 "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" bwipo felt that pete

Author — Orlando Mendez


I wish I had someone like Bwipo to teach me how to jungle, he is really positive, optimistic and encouraging

Author — Feeder Support


I wanna thank Bwipo for teaching Pete and me how to play Xin Zhao, I went a total of 26/12/8 in my first two games and 20/7/8 in my second game (NA player here)

Author — Aditya Nashikkar


I'm gonna miss his informative toplane streams :( Junglers have gained such a great teacher :)

Author — Stephen Wood