REPORTERS: Colombia: Caught in the Crossfire

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REPORTERS: Colombia: Caught in the Crossfire 5

International news report on the ground from the France 24 team and our seniors reporters.
International news coverage from the FRANCE 24 teams and our senior reporters. Thursdays at 9.45 pm and Fridays at 10.10am.

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Sgt Cortes was a brave man under fire ...respect from USA .
I like how he told his men " we stay together ...even if we die, we die together ." Respect .

Author — john gibson


The colombian army must be one of the toughest in south america, they are constantly fighting guerrillas, narcos, paramilitares, etc

Author — c88.rex


Poor guys, I'd be pissing myself if I was in that situation plus they didn't have any back up. Not every army is as fortunate as the US army, these guys are still heroes, many respects.

Author — SallowMyBulletz


The best documentary reportage, what I have ever seen. The most powerfull moment is, when the soldier ask the journalist to take a weapon. Unbelievable intense.

Author — Ondřej Šálek


Journalists on battle zone causes burden to the troops engaging

Author — Libin Sam


" we stay together ...even if we die, we die together ." Sgt Cortez

Author — Ric Russ


The civilians sold them out, that’s how they were triangulated. This was very horrific to watch. Rip Sgt Gortez

Author — Konig


25:47 "I won't take a weapon, I'm not here for that"
It was at that moment that the soldiers realized that they should _not_ have brought a journalist along.

Author — Widget222


That was the most intense combat footage Ive ever seen

Author — ShortCardinalsFan262


Easy to criticises these guys from your keyboards. Like to see how'd you'd react in ambush situation where there is minimal chance of you getting out alive.

Author — DaShiz992


It's so He was talking about his family not liking the job he do. N he was killed rip. They r very brave.

Author — Michi857Slim


the absolute BALLS of that camera man.... RIP Cortes, I truly believe he saved that cameraman's life when he took that bullet. War is hell

Author — the book was way better


died like real man, there mothers would be proud. respect to these man may they rest in peace

Author — Crimina turek


man there are a lot of war experts posting here.

Author — Rob Patton


Dont judge em soldiers...battlefield is not like your video games even that so called elite unit of soldiers they are not super human. Elite forces doesn't make them invulnerable to casualties in their hardwork training just readying them to deal with battlefield scenario in a way they can survive. In the philippines we have elite forces go into operation in the jungle hunting terrorists imagine this 27 soldiers vs 150 fully armed rebel terrorist 16 soldiers wounded

Author — Mel Vin


It's awfully easy to sit back and criticize when you're being overrun by such a well funded guerilla army.  This is no different to America in Nam.

Author — Phenomicul


Its sobering and haunting to see this as a casual civilian safely behind a screen and experiencing SGT Cortez's last words and moments. Damn this hits so hard..and to think that his family would have seen this exact footage....goddamn... rest in peace SGT Cortez and every single soldier who gave their lives for their nations.

Author — Aidan one3


26:07 You know war is hell when you use the dead as cover.

Author — MrHow2fail


this feels like nam the Spanish version of it.

Author — David Sanchez


“We want to take them by surprise”

*Arrives by helicopter*

Author — [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]