Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107)

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Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107) 4.5

Among the thousands of foreign soldiers who are fighting alongside the pro-Russia separatists of the Donetsk People’s Republic is an American fighter known simply as “Texas.”

In this dispatch, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky speaks with Texas about the reasons behind his involvement in Ukraine's ongoing conflict.

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A texan communist. Now I HAVE seen everything.

Author — feastguy101


“How do you know he isn’t a spy”

“...Just look at him”


Author — Matthew Cooper


Texas Red is no match for the Arizona Ranger and the big iron on his hip.

Author — xXspectre170Xx


This guy:
"I'm a communist"
Same guy 15 seconds later:
"I'm fighting for freedom"

Me: Has brain aneurysm.

Author — Loud Life


The lack of logic or rational would be funny if ppl weren't dying.

Author — Quique


Are we sure this dude isnt from Portland Oregon 😂😂😂

Author — Bennett Roberts


Texas says he's fighting because he likes communism. Then Texas turns around and says he thought that 1960s America was the best, even though that was literally the height of the cold war (e.g. a time when the US was actively and vehemently fighting the spread of communism). Texas, stop huffing the paint thinner...

Author — Mind Fucking Blown


He's trying to catch impress his mail order bride olya

Author — beantownie1


He says "Nazi" and "Nazis" waaay to much

Author — cx2055607


Read that he did some illegal stuff back in the US. Smuggling drugs was one of them.

Author — R is the name


I think "Texas" did some serious drugs earlier in his life.

Author — Natikov


Interview with the most confused man on the planet*

Author — Odin Ferrara


Texas is the last place on earth I ever thought that a communist could come from. Like, literally. Europe, North USA, Russia, China, anywhere *BUT* Texas...

Author — Vaygor


the Texas interview really uncomfortable to listen to

Author — Jack Rice


This is what happens when you hang out on 6th street in Austin too long.

Author — BearJew05


I'm not a pro Russian in any way, but I love how he sings country music in Russian.

Author — regenboog tank


Everything is big in Texas especially our idiots

Author — True to the it 666


I live in Texas and I’m so glad that he isn’t here anymore.

Author — Christian Koehler


This guy reminds me of David Koresh...maybe its because they are both from Texas.

Author — Short Round


Did he say communist and freedom in the same sentence?!😂😂😂

Author — Dane Hardy