Review: A Brief History of Thought by Luc Ferry

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What you call dark, i call light. “A rose is only so sweet because we know it will one day be gone”. Let our fragility make us more careful. Let our lack of preordained purpose drive our search for purpose. Let our mortal finality make us love endlessly :)

Author — MX TW


You either didn't understand Nietzsche, which is understandable, he's hard to read and it takes a good understanding of what it that he's even talking about / criticizing to understand his views, or you haven't even read him and are going off what you've heard from other people.

Author — karim Amghar


Atheism is in fact a religion, most of their arguments originate from scholars and scientists. A common argument you'll hear is that Christianity is a primitive religion, that's actually based on a real theory that religion advanced with civilization, the simple forms of belief came first and then polytheism and evenualy monotheism, atheism is put at the top as the most advanced belief. But the earliest historic record point to belief in one God who created the universe. And a lot of times you'll hear "religion is child abuse" that came from Richard Dawkins.
It's quite helpful to know some about what non Christians believe when it comes to defending the faith and relating to them the Gospel.

And that Florida weather is something else, I grew in Florida, everyday was a tropical storm or the like. Stay safe, I'll keep you and yours in my prayers.

Author — innerfire89


Have you read "the family" ?

Author — Mango_ Man


Pastor Matt, who are your favorite philosophers (Christian and pagan). By the question I mean which ones do you enjoy reading for your own personal pleasure? Maybe a topic for a future video. D. V.

Author — enriquemata640


I don't really think he necessarily intentionally called you guys unintellectual it's just that we actually have to think as atheist why we do the things that we do because we don't have a god to tell us what to do. We actually have to ask ourselves deeper questions of why the world is the way it is why is there a lack of good instead of just saying there's demons or you guys are being controlled by demonic beings. There's just such a difference on a follower of Christ which to us is like a blind believer and us a skeptics to have to explain why we have morals and why we do things. I would love to have a conversation with someone who at least tries to understand where we're coming from from a philosopher perspective. I could answer any questions as far as to get to know us and it will stop creating such a difference between us because I feel like we sometimes can't even get along or I would love to have a conversation with someone who isn't so narrow-minded.

Author — Kimberly De leon iriarte