Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Reputation Stadium Tour HD

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#TaylorToldTheTruth #NationalSnakeDay

"Happy national snake day, my favorite day of the year!”


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I hate it when she gets hate. She doesn’t deserve a bad rep.

Author — U can’t spell awesoME without ME!


Honestly, how can someone believe ANYTHING the Kardashians or Kayne are saying. Taylor is the sane one here. She deserves all the awards and achievements she ever got!

Author — Jonathan Chen


I don’t understand how people say Taylor plays the victim. You work hard to win an award, some asshole comes up to you on stage and insults you to your face, and somehow you’re the bad guy????

Author — Bee Phoenix


Don't worry y'all ! As Taylor said;"... Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours."

Author — Enchanted Swiftie13


That Lady interviewer who said Taylor took the chance to be victimized be like "oh shit" when reputation album charted #1 and the tour became the highest-grossing tour in the WHOLE US HISTORY

Author — Inae Kim


The karma is real. Taylor Swift is enjoying her life while k*m is divorced.

Author — John Murphy


And LWYMMD became one of the biggest songs all time❤️❤️

Author — swiftee for life


I wonder why at that time on the stage, there was not a single host standing out to help her?? They were literally all just standing there laughing...

Author — 汪文琦


It's a part of 'miss americana'. If you didn't watch it yet you should watch.

Author — Prova Oishy


At the first part of the video I cried out of anger ... I imagine what Taylor had to go through 💔 but she's a strong woman 💪 she kept proving it .. I love her so much...
I wonder how people talked so shit about her personality I mean as far as I know she is the most well mannered artist on the music industry

Author — Tahera TS


“I come back stronger than the 90s trend”

Author — M O N I R O T H


I just can't even imagine how she must have felt when that person interrupted him.
But, we know now that she's the

She always told the truth. Always.
And, remember she got smarter, she got harder in the nick of time.

Taylor's one performance is greater than Kanye's whole career.
And, trust me LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO was such a great and massive comeback.

Author — Madhulika Jha


I think Swifties that have been her fans since her debut or fearless era are some of the most loyal fans any artist can ever have. We have stayed by her side through all of that backlash, Kanye drama and everything. And of course, She has continued to produce extraordinary music.
Long live Taylor Swift
Long Live Swifties
Long live the walls we crashed through ❤

Author — tahira rahman


And the real video got released and she was telling the truth the whole time. SHE IS AN ICON AND MADE HERSELF FAMOUS. She is my inspiration and many others inspiration. She truly is the music industry. She is so humble and sweet and it kills me when she gets hate. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR🥺❤️

Author — Molly Messer


Her getting hate is one of the worst things to ever exist. She's a QUEEN and did not deserve to be in all this drama.

Author — EveryoneLovesAppa


'*A queen knows how to build an empire with the stones other's thrown at her'*...
She's the living proof...

Author — ihope


She always found the best ways to respond to criticism. This says, “you think I play the victim and you hate it? Ok lemme play the villain 😈”

Author — hari


People do that cause the other people are jealous of her she got better and better no one can stop Taylor Swift. By saying that she just needs to rest. She is so successful and she is an ARTIST OF DECADE

Author — Zoe Urani


I'm so proud of her. I teared up on the first part of this video. She's much stronger than any of us could ever become. I'm not a Swiftie, but guess what? I'm gonna stan this wonderful woman from now, not just because of her music, but also for her personality 💜

Author — Zerin Tasnim


All these people were finally slap when the truth came up years later. Huh she also slap you with success she's the ARTIST OF THE DECADE how about all these people who called out Taylor and bullied her how's life???
Karma is a b*
Ps. This woman is iconic and legendary. I'm a proud swiftie and I'm so damn happy i exist were Taylor Swift exist.

Author — Kim Navarro