Lion-O has control over ALL cats [ThunderCats 1980s]

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In a battle against a giant saber-toothed tiger, Lion-O learns that his title "Lord of the ThunderCats" gives him control over ALL cats, not just those from Thundera.

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The original series was the At least until
Lynx-o showed up and ruined it by saving the day with blindness every single episode

Author — Horror Stew


So could Lion-O control Battlecat if Lion-O found himself in Eternia?

Author — Dorian Green


I must earn his friendship with honor! 1 min later tosses him in to a bottomless pit lol

Author — Max Kongo


Cringer is also a cat, a green tiger 🐯, so Liono would have controlled him like he did with Snow-Meow. In the He-Man/Thundercats Crossover, Liono used the Sword of Omens to turn Cringer into his Battlecat form but had the Thundercats logo on his chest so he can fight off both The Mutants and Skeletor's goons who were robbing the treasure in Mumm-Ra's Black Pyramid! After that, Liono petted Cringer and said, " Good Kitty"! 😻

Author — Kayla Turnis


That was my all-time favorite cartoon show back in 1985 the ThunderCats when it had to leave they doom planet they thought all thundercats was destroyed but three of them was left behind the parish on that planet to erase the bear's name the real bears showed up and save all three of the ThunderCats I sure missed that cartoon show those are the good old days back in the 1980s they don't make cartoon shows like that anymore that cute cat snow meow she tug at my heart string with that pretty face and those pretty feet of hers

Author — Derek Abdullah


What if Lion-O didn’t get Jaga’s hint of the cat? He would’ve gotten killed. Jaga needs to be more direct.

Author — Louis Leung


Hmmmm I think that’s a bit of an unfair reading on the show and Lynx-O. It wasn’t his blindness that helped, but that the had intelligence of magical things and heightened senses. But your opinion is your opinion.

Author — sconex


Ummm he saved him i hope, it's been a long time since i've watched this

Author — dorourke105


I didn't know halt meant kill your owner.

Author — 1 Bad Z


Lion-o is mad soft always calling for help

Author — NYC POLOGOD_75