Legendary Donetsk Commander 'Motorola' Assassinated by Kiev Regime In Donbass

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Legendary Donetsk Commander 'Motorola' Assassinated by Kiev Regime In Donbass 4
The legendary commander of the Sparta battalion of the Donetsk People’s Republic Arseny Pavlov mostly known with his nickname “Motorola” has been reportedly killed just minutes ago. According to reports, Motorola was going home and an explosion took place in the elevator. The DPR officials stated that the explosive device was activated from distance and was a planned murder by the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group.

Motorola gained popularity in the beginning of the uprising in Eastern Ukraine and was one of the most popular figures in the Donetsk People’s Republic. He was 33 years old and left behind a wife and two children.

This is obviously a planned provocation by the Ukrainian army which has increased its shelling and attacks on the contact line in the past few weeks.

Motorola is yet another commander of the breakaway republics who has been killed after the Minsk agreement was signed. In May 2015, the commander of the Ghost Brigade of the Lugansk People’s Republic Alexey Mozgovoy was killed in an ambush.

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Ukraine has become another string on the zionist finger

Author — ProVision3187


God bless the brave. He didnt die because the devil couldnt kill his soul!!!

Author — Bobby g.


Rest In Peace
Much respect to the brave Motorola!

Author — bayron13


slava to Arseny Pavlov from Slovakia, I am really sad, for him, for his family, for all good that is against evil like he was, a real hero

Author — Andrei Kokot


He was a small man, but a great hero. RIP great warrior and servant of God, Arsen. Russia remembers and loves you at all times.

Author — snab032


Condolences to this brave soldiers family and loved ones!from a U.k. Citizen who has utmost respect for the Russian president and his people!R.I.P. Motorola

Author — My Self


A true patriot and a hero. He fought and died for those he loved and not for bankers or corrupt governments like Western militaries do. May the Lord watch over his family and not let his death be in vain. Victory for the separatists! God bless you all.

Author — Angel R. [Male]


R.I.P. from Ireland... what an outstanding commander. Condolences to his family, friends and comrades.

Author — wolfe tone


rest in peace

the Ukrainian government are monsters

Author — Max Diak


R.I.P brave warrior. No greater honour than giving your life to protect your people and your land.

Author — VeritasVosLiberabit


Russia and the Russian people are bad ass. It doesn't make much sense but I feel a sense patriotism to a country I have no ties to, and I know im not the only one. I guess that goes to show how wide spread love for Russia is, even in North America.

Author — Claude Odell


I am french. And I like this guy(Motorola). People wo killed him are cowards ! This is so unfair !

Author — Waffen Tragger


A brave hero who was murdered by cowards too afraid to continue facing him in battle. May he RIP & utmost condolences to his family, friends & fellow comrades.

Author — Obscure Shadow


RIP brave Commander from New Zealand. You are a man of great integrity. At least you wife and children can remember you with pride in there would much prefer you to be alive though.

Author — Saggynutz


i wonder if the Kiev/Washington criminals paid off one or more of his men? treachery is very possible given how his apartment block seemed secure and yet a bomb ends up in the elevator shaft?

Author — 4exgold


The Zionists will throw us all into World War 3. It started in Ukraine and Syria. The killing of Motorola is just another step. Rip!

Author — Christian R.


Remember who funds and sponsors this ! The USA supplies the leaders, weapons and propaganda !

Author — Bob Jones


Of all figures from Donetsk or Lugansk I liked Motorola best.

Rest in Peace, братан. You will be remembered.

Author — Murikov


condolonce to brave hero motorola!slava

Author — PT. Hessen Union Indonesia


I'm american, but this guy is a hero. Even being Russian or american or european, heroes have no nationality, they will live on no matter where they belong god bless and I'm sorry for your family. insider you and your fans should start a gofundme for his family

Author — JustJoshingYa