Buffalo Wild Wings employee dies after exposure to cleaning chemical

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Buffalo Wild Wings employee dies after exposure to cleaning chemical 4.5

An employee at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts died after being exposed to a chemical cleaning agent. Hazmat crews were called to the Burlington restaurant Thursday after reports of a chemical reaction in the kitchen. At least 10 other customers and workers were hospitalized.

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Poor guy just trying to earn a paycheck.

Author — KRONOS 1957


This is worse then getting shanked for a Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Author — Jason Taylor


No one told him about ammonia and bleach

Author — Austin Bartose


PSA ...if you're ever cleaning toilets or swabbing the poop deck, and a noxious Greenish-Yellowish cloud starts hanging off of whatever you just sprayed, *clear the room and get everybody out!!!* The use of chlorine gas was highly effective in World War I... but doesn't have much of a place beyond industrial settings in 2019. Just be careful what chemicals you're working with at all times, and wear the proper PPE! If you are an employer, it is your responsibility by law to provide a material safety datasheet to employees in an accessible location, and provide proper training when working with potentially hazardous materials.

Edit: thanks Nathan!

Author — Brian Anderson


Damn, God bless that young man and his loved ones.

Author — Kingjames313


Poor guy, he quite literally worked himself to death

Author — King CC


This would never happen if they used “Fabuloso” 😏

Author — Christian Perez


Sodium Hypochlorite is common bleach used laundry, cleaning & disinfecting. Ammonia is also used in cleaning, but if you mix the two, toxic chlorine gas results.

Author — Silver Slingblade


Someone didn't read the warning labels. But we know that it's the employer who's supposed to train the employee on proper chemical safety.

I worked at Pepsi and we had a guy from ecolab come in about quarterly to hold training sessions on proper usage, ppe, reading labels, etc.

Author — Luis Castellon


I pulled 6, 18 yr old guys out of a Army latrine that mixed ammonia and bleach because they thought it would work better. That’s what happens when mommy does all the cleaning.

Author — A to Z Sense isn't so common


Jimmy: oh look it’s sodium chloride.
Random guy: no it’s salt.

Author — Th0tti3.bugatti


Sad to admit I almost did this myself. I was 15 on my first job at Pizza Hut. They told me to clean up the floors. I had never cleaned before in my life. I thought bleach good + amonia even better! Luckily the older employees recognized what happened and aired out the place.

Author — davecamaro1994


Probably mixed bleach with ammonia, producing toxic chloramine vapor. Tragic.

Author — choirgrrrl


Hank Hill - "Ammonia and chlorine.. that's the recipe for mustard gas."

But it wasn't ammonia, most likely he mix chlorine with an acid base chemical.

Author — HauntedPassed


Feel weird liking this type of videos,
There has to be a “sad” option, a watched” or at the very least “aware” option to highlight instead of liking some type of suffering or lost

Author — mercedes gomez


With all the user friendly cleaning products ..why was this even a deadly

Author — c a g


I used to work with it and had to wear a respirator when mixing it with water, if I used too much the chlorine fumes were unbearable..it can harm you with out any other chemical being added

Author — Lamar Myart


Can't breath through chlorine gas. Don't play with chemicals.

Author — Mammon


OML! Prayers for the man, family, friends. Also praying 🙏 for all the other employees to recover. This is just insane. I cannot imagine what they are all going through. God be with you all!

Author — E


That lawsuit is about to be LEGENDARY!!! He didn't die in vein

Author — iONLY