AG2R La Mondiale Team Bus Tour | Inside The Giro d'Italia 2019

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Whilst out at the Giro, James managed to take a quick look around the team bus of AG2R La Mondiale, the French WorldTour pro cycling team.

It's not one of the newest buses in the peloton, but its still packed with tech. What did you like about it? 👍

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💬 Comments

What's your highlight of the AG2R bus?!

Author — Global Cycling Network


Much enjoyed the still shots showing how the riders actually use these facilities.

Author — Russell Zeckner


"You got shelves at the top of the bus, and this is for... storage basicly." Legend!

Author — ar1g3


Thanks for presenting a Grand Tour bus! Interesting that teams follow different organisations inside the bus...

Author — Vasco Amaral Grilo


Nice vid Hank! I appreciated the explanation of how to operate a papertowel. :)

Author — Steven Busiello


This bus is packed full of tech... digital clock! 😂😜👍

Author — Nick Wehmeier


That bus is so cool, comfy and super nice!

Author — Omaris Bhumiriady


I intended to join AG2R and help Romain in the Tour but after seeing the bus I'm gonna sign for Astana or Bora-Hansgrohe (new Bus is awesome). Sorry Romain :(

Author — Sebastian Schär


Doesn’t count as a bus tour if you don’t make yourself a caf and steal a hat

Author — Skelm


Astana bus still the bus to beat this season.

Author — J Willy


01:52 someone other than Romain Bardet rocking the Ekoi Legende!

Author — bilwit


Hank, your like Clouseau on the trail of an arch crim! No stone left unturned.. Brill mate..

Author — Rich A W


And here I used to think comfortable bus travel was having two seats all to myself on a Greyhound.

Author — Robb Chastain


James, loved your tour. Even more loved your French! You did better than I ever could. So next you get to tour the Michelton Scott bus for a break. Much easier to say. Cheers mate. Keep ‘em coming.

Author — S. Ivers


Just pronounce it as fast as you can and blur all the words .. basically French😂😂

Author — Matt Parsons


Open the side hatches to see whats in there too.

Author — cheese sandwich123


Next up, GCN does AG2R home makeover. #gcnhomedition

Author — Scott Bayvel


This pro cycling business doesn't seem to bad... Cake, ketchup and a comfy bus. What's not to like?

Author — Sam Jarrett


Really liked the b-roll with team photos

Author — Sasha Tromsa


These team buses start looking the w equipment. Drawers packed full of racing essentials. Spare parts, uniforms, seats etc.

Author — razz wilmz