The Group B Cars In DiRT Rally 2.0 Are Bloody Brutal

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The Group B Cars In DiRT Rally 2.0 Are Bloody Brutal 5

God I love these cars. Perhaps a little forgiving over the bumps, but still one of the best representations of these cars that exist imo.

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Clearly not a very good simulation of Group B, as I didn't see a single spectator on the road.

Author — Martin Schou


6:00 best explination of the car ever!! «Nothing, nothing, nothing, turbo, BIG turbo and then a tree»

Author — Victor Halvorsen


How the hell can you talk and drive in this game?

When I'm on DiRT rally my concentration tongue comes out, no chance of me saying anything clearly😂

Author — Agent Dora


Needs the huge hoards of people blocking the track and almost getting run over. It would give it the true group b crazyness

Author — Thomas Snyder


No center diff so the handbrake would just lock the wheels, but I 'll forgive you using it. Please get the Quattro E2 out.

Author — John Phillips


video freezed because it couldn't handle the brutality of the 205

Author — TL98


The turbo gauge in the 205T16 really adds to the experience

Author — Underbird


You drove that 205 like a girl (Michelle Mouton to be specific)

Author — TjDolHaus86


The YT algorithm just recommended this channel and I've been missing out! From the "Verstappening" to racing a real Mclaren and "oh so relatable" shed reveals the broadcast level live commentary and real world personality just shines through. New sub, big fan!

Author — Nil Zero


8:28... you upgraded the "Scandinavian Turn" to a "Viking Turn"

Author — RTP


In DR 1 the boost gauge on this car used to just rise as the revs went up, here it looks like they modelled the turbo to work independently, that's really nice, one of the things I wanted from 2.0.

Author — liquidkameleon


I remember Timo Salonen, a then Peugeot factory driver, saying the 205 T 16 had "enough power".

Author — Samira Peri


Please crash so I don't feel bad about myself

Author — FBI


Then you put this stage time against the Master AI and find you’re still 30 seconds slower...

Author — mhj360


Group mean unBOXing video!!!eh eh eh

Author — adarsh sirsat


James Hunt had the perfect explenation of the powerband of a turbocharged engine: "When you floor the pedal.. first you get nothing, but then you get everything!".

Author — MK3424


Can I get a like for no reason Jimmer?

Edit: thanks Jimmer you're an alright guy

Author — Shitcakes26


Always great videos Jimmy. Ever consider doing a “good, better, best” sim racing setup for those of us wanting to get into Sim Racing at various budgets?

Author — Daniel Smith


Jimbo needs a ride in a real 205 T16 Evo 2

Author — Lee01Mr


Call me crazy, but I reckon Codemasters needs to bring back the GRID series... and turn that into a full-on sim series.

Author — DawnOfTheOzz