Are #Parrotlet #Parrots Easy To Tame? #parrot_bliss #parrot

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Generally speaking, the smaller the parrot, the easier they are to tame. The same is true with younger parrots.

The other factor, which can’t be accounted for in advance, is a Parrotlet’s personality. Some are naturally curious and interested in people, others are not. In this video, Frenchy, our Parrotlet, illustrates the fact that she loves us and won’t leave us alone. So, getting her to come and spend time with me is super-easy.


Mission: Help you create a blissful bond with your parrot- reducing the need for parrot rescues.






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Thank you for always making your vids I love how your birds show u so much love and I love how u take care of them!

Author — @clumsy5645


I love how your videos are relaxed and anything can happen 😆 im thinking of getting a parrotlet in future as I’ll be in an apartment and jeeze they’re cute! I’ve had budgies and a cockatiel growing up. Havent had a bird in abt 20yrs so im sure the joy (and frustration) will come flooding back 😁

Author — @snagman3waloma


Frenchie is so cute! My 1 parrotlet does that, flies on top of my head, and preens my hair. I loved Olive trying to taste the camera 😆 I am getting 3 more babies too. So excited 😁

Author — @jojo1828v


So true. I must say, Frenchie is adorable! ❤️

Author — @1hawaii21


Aww Frenchie reminds me of my mango who sadly passed she never left my side, always nibbling on me. Monty my other parrotlet has always been standoffish with me, will step up, tolerate a quick kiss on the head but no snuggle or scritches, doesn’t climb all over me or fly to me. Kiwi is his new friend and he’s very mellow, chill, not bitey, but flighty. Only way to pick him up is to cup your hands round him and he will tolerate being transported, bit like a baby. I’m hoping kiwi slowly becomes more of a human loving parrotlet even though he has Monty. They seem quite different.

Author — @kinesis4868


I have “u”, this is her name.
Incase she ever decided to talk, my hope was that she would say, ”hey you!”
I got her when she was about 10 months old. 2 years later-she’s like glue to my shoulder, it’s almost funny-she has time out of her cage daily with different “spots” to sit -perch and rest, this includes 3 perch areas in the dining room/kitchen area-spots in each restroom, and 2 perch areas in the master bedroom. (Of course any chair -table-is fair game!!)
It’s almost a joke, if she hears my keys…shes like a dog “flying” to my back-so I “run” to the kitchen and drop her off..tell her bye “I’ll be back”-just to leave the house thru the bedroom door. She doesn’t try to fly out of the house, she just wants me!!
However -outside noises, and movements of unknown objects-have been the cause of her flying up in a tree…with hours of getting her down….she tends to want to walk down instead of fly down!! It’s like she forgets in a panic she can fly!!
At times she has sat for me -on the towel bar in the restroom waiting for me to return to “get me-when I’m ready to go!”
Our home (concerning the bedroom and living room, is shaped like the letter “L”, with a view through patio doors.
If she is with me in the bedroom watching TV, and sees my husband eating through the window…she WILL fly through the doors, around the walls and get to his food’, I have a warning a millisecond before my hubby does-she’s quite entertaining-the shih tzu and her are very good friends-but that’s another story!
She can be exhausting!
But pleasant at the same time-she wants to be with me when i vacuum-make the bed, brush my teeth, put hot rollers in my hair-I have to be careful when removing clothes out the washer to the dryer-for some reason she likes that…and almost got a little fluff when hanging on a t shirt!!

Author — @lisaallen9339


Your blue parrotlet is just so adorable!❤❤

Author — @christiesilva6918


I so love your Parrotlet they kinda remind me of my two love birds, It such a pretty blue.

Author — @joellekarma


Frenchie is a cutie! Can you speak on potty training a parrot? (I am adopting a Hahns Macaw) Is potty training realistic to accomplish, and the how-too's? 🤓

Author — @kaykamayy


My pair of p’lets had two beautiful male babies. They are now weaned & caged separately but the babies have landed on the parents’ cage & mom bit them several times now & even a toe off!! It’s terrible….🥺

Author — @carnationss4089


I have a male parallel it's about two and a half months old. Breeder gave me parakeets needs to feed him but said you can mix it in with cockatiel seeds but to tell you the truth I don't know what he likes you except I know one thing he loves is stuff that's out of branches the Tiny Seed comes on a branch and they're very case to it Little Seeds you like to not have realized but I tried my look seeds or white seeds that eviction and I'm seeing me Dad I tried pallets tiny pellets multicolored attract regular size pallets with nothing cat litter, carrots he ate everyone., and also tried romaine lettuce a noun it don't like grapes and it doesn't care for bananas either but I'm going to keep trying different stuff but I want him to eat greens as well I'm going to try Apple. Broccoli not eating broccoli Honey Love Stuff you got any tips on how to get him to eat all these different things that she should be. And what seed would you suggest cockatiel seed or parakeets eat since he's only two and a half months old.?

Author — @fredrock1082


I want to get a parrot to bond with, which parrot is best for me that is gentle and mellow that I can hold without anxiety of it biting me?

Author — @viavortex5380


Omg is that a ceiling fan on high in your room with birds flying around ?😬 How do you train them not to fly close to the fan blades ?

Author — @ArgusAngel


Hi I've kept parrotlets I'm after apair of yellow faced U.K.

Author — @aliwho