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Everything Donald Trump Is an Expert In, According to Him | NowThis 4.5

Donald Trump knows more than anybody about drones, foreign policy, ISIS, Facebook, polls, and 'the other side.' What a coincidence!

President Donald Trump claims to be an expert in a lot of things. This compilation video collected many of his boasts about his alleged expertise. In the video, Trump says he knows more than anybody about taxes, income, construction, campaign finance, drones, technology, American history, infrastructure, ISIS, environmental impact statements, Facebook, renewable energy, polls, courts, steel workers, golf, banks, trade, nuclear weapons, tax laws, law suits, money, debt, politicians,

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💬 Comments on the video

That’s called Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it’s a very serious pathology and it’s incurable.

Author — Mentes Livres


I'm sorry but you can't claim to be intelligent and support this man

Author — DBALextras


“I know more about ISIS than the generals.”

Yep ok. Sure mate.

Author — erps


If he said, "Nobody knows more about conning the American people than me, " he'd finally be telling the truth.

Author — BJ Denenberg


"Nobody knows how to wreck a country than I do"

Author — Jerry C


“The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance it’s the illusion of knowledge .“.
Stephen Hawking

Author — harrowgateguy


I'll say one thing, no body knows more about lying than tRump

Author — Kyle Witthauer


I absolutely can’t stand him he makes me sick to think he’s our president

Author — Doug Howard


Funny how this “incredibly knowledgeable, stable genius” can’t spell hamburger! 🤔

Author — Gen X


"A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything" ...African proverb

Author — Kilian Mac Liam


Well, he's probably right on his Obama golf statement considering how much more time he spends on the course compared to Obama.

Author — The Insane Shecklador


Sadly, he's going to know more about the Corona Virus than anybody.

Author — soundfx68


In china,people call him “懂王”,means the king of I know

Author — 北美懂王


don't believe a guy who says "believe me"

Author — Prabhu Akula


I’m sad that somebody had to go through all his speeches to make this video. What a poor task

Author — Kévin GALLARDO


"Nobody knows more about destroying the government infrastructure than I do"

Author — futurestoryteller


_Nobody knows more about dishonesty than I do, believe me..._
Now THAT one I'll buy!

Author — Troubleshooter125


He suffers from megalomania and that is the beginning of dementia.

Author — bert5056


A classic case of Dunning Kruger Effect. Too dumb to comprehend how dumb he really is.

Author — Facts Land


He might just use this vid as a campaign ad and republicans would clap like morons.

Author — DmanFunk88