Amway Demonstration Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste GLISTER™

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A multi-action fluoride toothpaste with REMINACT™ Silica, provides effective stain removal with enamel-safe polishing. Clinically tested to remove plaque and fight cavities with regular brushing, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and fresh.
REMINACT™ formula helps redeposit essential minerals back onto the enamel to make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

Helps remove plaque with regular brushing.
• Remineralises teeth.
• Cleans safely.
• Helps remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains effectively.
• Enamel safe polishing.
• Uniquely shaped edges with precise control of particle size to clean and whiten teeth without bleaching.
• Aids in the prevention of dental cavities.
• Leaves mouth and breath feeling refreshed.


Not recommended for children under the age of six.


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For me this is the best toothpaste I’ve ever used 👍

Author — Bunso Journal


Excelente producto!!! La uso, la recomiendo y la comercializó! Súper recomendable deja un aliento fresco y los dientes mucho más blancos!!!

Author — Cecilia DV


The unfortunate fact we are missing here is, Toothpaste is made to react with acids on our teeth that are formed in our digestive system.
1. Toothpaste should have a mild content of Alkaline in it which should react with Acids on the tooth
2. As well if you mean Glister would help in covering the Teeth enamel without getting effected with Acids further forming on them then my question is, is the toothpaste's motto to clean the teeth or to stick with it?
3. the abrasive particles are meant to clean the plaque on our teeth, without them, you shall feel the layer on your teeth

Hope this helps and if you have any further explanation, I'd love to be enlightened.

Author — Omkara Cheetrala


For me this is the best toothpaste I'm using

Author — angel


Please don't let the water run behind the video

Author — Varun Music Channel


What is the yellow, can You write please

Author — bya bursa


Good, but you've wasted so much water

Author — Sushant Keni


i have the toothpaste cuz i have a person i know who works forr amway

Author — SuperPoorLogan