Pros and Cons of Computer-Based IELTS

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The computer-based IELTS test is becoming more and more common and we are getting an increasing amount of questions about this.

In today's lesson we have decided to look at the test and show you the pros and cons on it and whether this will help you get the score you need.

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8:06 this is so me. Very good step from IELTS. Appreciated.

Author — Vishal Upadhyay


The main pro of computer based IELTS is of course writing section. Especially for those who use computer in their every day life (younger generation). Word counting and editing is a huge advantage of course, but also one more thing to mention is speed. I've written a paragraph of 100 words on piece of paper and it took me about 3 minutes, while same paragraph was completed in just a minute through typing. So for me personally it is more convenient to type a text rather than to write it.

Author — Aarold Aaroldson


One thing we should must consider: even I am very good at typing but during the last minutes I get tensed and I am more likely to make mistakes when typing, while with pencil I will have more control on my writing.

Author — Ulfath Sadia


cambridge should increase time duration
i think that will help as a lot
10 min increase in each module

Author — Gorav Verma


Thanks for the video. I am really excited that the UK just started doing the computer-based one. I did the paper-based and scored 5.5 on writing due to bad writing and stress from editing, and being concerned "that i have bad writing". I did a couple of mock up exams on the computer based and scored them 9.0 on all. The writing part is so easy due to giving you a word count and being able to edit as you go. THis was the most difficult part when I went to the paper-based exam. I didn't have time to edit my parts in the end and it was very frustrating finding little mistakes. Excited for the computer test in August.

Author — LiveWithDillon


Thank you, this is very helpful for me as I am taking the test on May 11th. I agree with what you said, its not the "paper based or computer based way" that will determine if you'll pass the exam but it's how diligent you are now with practicing and studying to improve your writing skills. Goodluck and Godless everyone!

Author — Myreen Mahaguay


Thanks for these views, I hadn't imagined some of those. Very thorough. Thank you!

Author — Padmanabh


Thank you Mr Pell.
Your advice tip is definitely helpful as I am trying to decide which exam-based method is best suit for me.

Author — A. Sontoloyo


Hi Thanks for the wonderful explanation. I have a question - how does the computer-based IELTS get evaluated. Does any kind of software is there or is it like paper based some examiner would be evaluating?

Author — Vipin Ahuja


Hello Mr Pell, thank you for your video. I decided to take the computer-based IELTS two weeks later in Hong Kong. However, I am still not quite sure whether I can pass it in one take or not as back in the paper-based exam the writing component was always my weak point and I only got 5.5 on my last IELTS exam (though I got 6.5 in overall). I found out that slow writing speed and messy hand writing might be the reasons of why I cannot get a high score in the writing component. Regarding to this situation, may I ask is there any methods that I can use in during my revision in order to enhance my writing skills?

Lastly, may I ask am I allowed to use a paper and a pencil for drafting during the writing exam in the computer-based IELTS? Or I can only do that in the computer? Thank you.

Author — Joshua Ma


Okay so here is a tip if you think the typing sound is distracting you just put on the headphones they muffle the sound so you won’t be bothered.

You can thank me later when you get a good score.

Author — Gul


With the writing test, unless you are paying attention to the timer, there is no warning (audible or otherwise) when the time is running out. When time runs out the screen just goes blank. If you were in the process of editing your essay you can sometimes be caught off guard.

Author — tubeuser1q


Thank you for this informative video.. It helped me decide on which type of test to go for..

Author — Rizwana Saife


Sensing that sooner or later, computer-delivered will be the default option and paper-based will cost more. We're just moving forward with how we do our repetitive daily activities. We just need to go with the flow

Author — Ramir Enriquez


Thanks for the video.. you explained everything brilliantly..

Author — Adnan Yousaf


editing does improve the score in the writing module!!!

Author — Keyur Patel


Hey, I would like to ask you about the assessment of speaking section, is deffer between paper exam and computer-based? because this month I did both computer-based exam and paper exam, the computer-base exam speaking evaluation shocked me, because in paper exam my evaluation was 7.5 and I was really uncomfortable and I have many pauses which affect my fluency. After two weeks, I did another exam but this time I did computer delivery for the first time, and I was very quiet and I answered all questions fluently with a wide range of vocabulary and I reckon is much better than the first exam. The catastrophe here, I have got 6 in speaking test and that drives me to believe there are differences in scoring criteria, especially in speaking.

Author — Cartoon trans


Thanks for the video.
I'll be taking the Computer based exam in a couple of weeks. One more pro, I noticed (at least in the center that I registered) It's held much more frequently and You have an option of selecting different times of the day, which was my main reason of preferring this over the traditional one.
Also, I doubt that there'll be an auto correct? :D but if there's a copy, paste option, that alone could significantly change the speed and efficiency in the writing section too.

Author — Tro jan


IF you use computers at home, without a doubt CBT is the best option.

Author — StillSearching


I am sure u can highlight and even can make notes while on CBT

Author — shikhar chauhan